Professional Sports Are Done For – There’s No Coming Back From This

Don’t mess with America’s pastimes. Sure, you can pollute movies, television, music, restaurants, stores, and in some cases, religion. But if you try to pump woke garbage into Americans’ sports, you will quickly regret it.

For several years, leftist dogma has been spreading through major leagues. Mostly thanks to rich, entitled celebrity athletes, professional sports have become a platform for bogus, Democratic ideas. Very quickly, fans expressed disgust for this trend, promising to outright boycott their favorite teams.

So, what did the owners of these leagues do? Bow to the woke athletes!

Today, major sports leagues push radical leftist politics at nearly every opportunity. They have given up playing our National Anthem for the “Black National Anthem.” They fly “pride” flags instead of the American flag. And they reward players who criticize the very nation that gave them a chance to play.

Were they surprised that this would happen?

The television ratings for Sunday Night Baseball, MLB’s flagship primetime offering and ESPN’s premier weekend evening broadcast, have sunk 49 percent from last year…

These numbers are abysmal and most certainly can be attributed to the league’s embrace of Black Lives Matter and their decision to pull the All-Star Game out of Georgia in retaliation for the state’s attempt to make it more difficult for Democrats to steal elections. [Source: Breitbart]

On average, MLB games are seeing a drop in viewership of 46%. That is a massive drop from last year. That shouldn’t be happening. With states reopening and things returning to normal, MLB should be seeing an increase in viewership. But ever since the league sided with the Democrats to “punish” Georgia, Americans have lost interest in this politicized sport.

But even the cherished NBA continues to see a slid. Even during its biggest series.

Ratings numbers for the NBA’s Western Conference Finals are coming in and though they’re way up from last year’s pandemic-plagued season, they are way down from 2019…

A 33% decline from last year’s WCF Game 2, to be exact. The NBA will of course focus on the 66% increase from last year as the main take away. However, it’s not really all that hard to beat a “bubble game” that went head-to-head with Sunday Night Football. [Source: Breitbart]

While viewership is up from last year–when the league was all over the place due to COVID–it is massively down compared to 2019. That was the year before it totally bowed to Black Lives Matter and the woke agenda.

Much like the NFL, the NBA has surrendered to radical politics. It is no longer an all-American sport that everyone can rally around. It is no longer a place where people can put aside their difference, forget about the toxic political arena, and root for the home team. Because whenever Americans tune it, they are bombarded with the same hate, the same ugliness, the same poison.

Should we be surprised that ratings are dropping across the board? It’s getting to the point where Americans can’t even watch a ball game without being lectured at by some purple-haired Karen.

Perhaps we should just spend our time watching The Chosen?

Author: James Graham