Pro-Trumper, James Woods, Temporarily Suspended from Twitter (Again) After Sharing This Video

By Karen Ashley March 26th, 2020 | Image Source: The Western Journal

James Woods is notorious for blatantly and unapologetically exposing the depravity of the left with his comedic genius.

So, naturally, the Twitter gods disapproved.

For all the vulgarity that is shared on that platform, this is nothing.

Additionally, I’d love to see if the other accounts who shared the same picture are still active or if they’re treated equally with suspension, since the photo had been shared thousands of times all around Twitter already.

It’s cute that Twitter keeps assuming that these locks and suspensions will actually effectively censor James Woods or suppress the extent for which he’ll take his honesty.

According to Breitbart:

Gillum, the former mayor Tallahassee, was found earlier this month unresponsive and later “inebriated” by police officials at the Mondrian South Beach hotel.

The rising Democratic politician and CNN contributor was in the hotel room with two male companions along with bags of crystal meth, according to multiple reports.

One of the companions was reportedly a male escort named Travis Dyson. Gillum, who has a wife and children, claimed to be in the Miami area for a wedding. Following the incident, he announced that he would be entering a rehab clinic.

Gillum ran for governor of Florida last year but lost to Republican Ron DeSantis. Despite his loss, Gillum was widely seen as a rising star in the Democrat party.

Leaked police photos from the hotel room have widely circulated online. Woods tweeted a leaked photo allegedly showing Gillum naked and unconscious on the hotel room floor amid soiled towels.

He is back today, so I’m assuming it was a 12 or 24 hour suspension, but, as always, he comes back with a bang.

Ahh, our beloved James Woods!

Author: Karen Ashley

Source: Chicks On Right: James Woods Was Temporarily Suspended from Twitter (Again) After Sharing Video of Andrew Gillum

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