Pro-Life Democrat Confronts Mayor Pete — His Answer Exposes the Entire Party

Pete Buttigieg held a town hall meeting over the weekend to win over liberal voters. During the event, he was confronted by a pro-life Democrat. She asked if her views on abortion were still welcomed by the Democratic Party. We all know the answer to that. Mayor Pete struggled to give her an honest answer, proving just where the party stands on pro-life Democrats.

A pro-life Democrat. Does such a thing exist? That’s like saying there’s such a thing as a “smart congressman” or a “democratic socialist.” But, apparently, there are still numerous Democrats who hold to pro-life views. But not single one of them, it seems, holds public office.

In recent years, we’ve seen a total of zero notable Democrat leaders that hold to pro-life views. The party has embraced abortion as a major political platform. Democrats have fought for late-term abortion. They want abortion on demand. They want abortion paid for by American tax dollars. In recent years, we’ve even seen New York and Virginia Democrats pushing for post-birth abortion, i.e.: killing newborn babies.

Not to mention the hundreds of millions they give to Planned Parenthood.

To say that there are still Democrat voters who support pro-life views is shocking, considering how determined the party is to kill babies. But, according to some, there are millions of Democrats who oppose abortion.

One of those Democrats confronted 2020 hopeful Pete Buttigieg during a Fox News town hall event. She asked him if he thought pro-life Democrats still belonged in the party. Let’s just say, his answer did not satisfy.

Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg refused to tell a Democrat voter on Sunday that her pro-life views were welcomed in the party after being repeatedly pressed about the issue during a Fox News town hall event…

“There are about 21 million of us, and if so, would you support more moderate platform language in the Democratic Party to ensure that the party of diversity and inclusion really does include everybody?”

“Well I respect where you’re coming from and I hope to earn your vote, but I’m not going to try to earn your vote by tricking you,” Buttigieg responded. “I am pro-choice and I believe that a woman ought to be able to make that decision.” [Source: Daily Wire]

The woman was not impressed with that answer and asked Buttigieg again. Would he support language in the party’s agenda that welcomed pro-life members—considering how “diverse” and “inclusive” Democrats are supposed to be?

Buttigieg effectively said no, saying, “I support the Roe vs. Wade framework that holds that early in pregnancy there are very few restrictions and late in pregnancy there are very few exceptions.”

That’s a pretty poor platform to hold, for a party that claims to want everybody. More and more we are seeing Democrats becoming lockstep dictators. You either support their (radical) views or you are branded a racist or fascist.

This woman has been a lifelong Democrat, but since 1996, she’s watched the party reject her deeply-held views about protecting human life. It seems like Democrats only care about “diversity” when it applies to the color of your skin, not in the way you think.

This is pretty significant, considering what Trump did last week. He was the first president to appear at the March for Life event in Washington, D.C. The yearly event welcomed tens of thousands of Americans who support the end of Roe vs. Wade and the elimination of abortion in the United States. President Trump showed his support for the cause by speaking before the massive crowds.

It’s clear there is only one candidate running in 2020 that will protect unborn Americans and work to end abortion in this country. Not a single Democrat running will show consideration for pro-life Democrats. In fact, Buttigieg and all the rest will call them “backward” and “sexist” for not support the barbaric and evil practice.

Hmm.. perhaps this woman—and the other 21 million pro-life Democrats—should consider a new party? There is a big tent out there, these days, but it’s called the GOP.

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