Press Secretary Schools Reporter Who Asks Bogus Question Twice

Throughout the COVID-19 panic, the media has tried to push a narrative that Trump failed America. Ignoring the plain truth, they want you to believe the deaths are all his fault. In fact, one reporter tried to bully the White House press secretary with a bogus question. Even after she gave an answer, the reporter pressed some more. So, McEnany had to humiliate him.

The mainstream media is a joke. There’s no other way to put it. Their pathetic, liberal bias has led them to act like petty children. They’re not in the business of reporting the news, anymore. They are merely the propaganda arm for the Democratic Party. We see the evidence every day.

Outlets like CNN and the New York Times clearly oppose President Trump. Their questions and reporting are not objective; they deliberately want to discredit and slander Trump and conservatives. What’s even more disgusting is that they keep pretending to be non-biased. Imagine that! These are like high school bullies who push you into your locker, steal your lunch money, then pretend like they’re your friends.

That has never been more true since the pandemic. Remember, the media ignored the threat of COVID-19 for months. They even criticized Trump for taking decisive action in January. Only when news of the virus was unavoidable, did they pretend to care. They quickly shifted their narrative, claiming Trump acted “too slow” and the deaths are all his fault.

As if we can’t go back to January, when they said COVID-19 wasn’t a big deal.

Recently a reporter tried to bully White House Spox McEnany in saying Trump was responsible for everyone who died. The press secretary proved just how pathetic the media is.

On Tuesday, a reporter for Politico tried to paint President Trump into a corner, trying to have White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany offer a number of “dead Americans” voters “should tolerate” when they “go to the polls in November.” McEnany flattened him after she gave one answer and he then repeated the question, saying to him, “I answered your question once, but if you ask it twice it doesn’t make it any better of a question.” [Source: Daily Wire]

The joke of a reporter suggested that voters should blame Trump for the number of American COVID-19 deaths. McEnany reminded him that it was Trump who made the tough decisions to limit the spread of the disease. Because of him, we never saw the projected 1.5 to 2 million dead. The reporter, clearly too stupid to pay attention, asked the same bogus question again.

He wasn’t interested in an answer. He was acting like the good Democrat operative he is. Like all con artists, he pretends to be a reporter while pushing the left’s agenda.

McEnany humiliated him by saying, “I answered your question once, but if you ask it twice it doesn’t make it any better of a question.”

The media has been whining like babies over how the new White House press secretary is treating them. McEnany doesn’t pull any punches when she confronts the rampant dishonesty of the press. Then, like wilting flowers, these vicious monsters are suddenly offended! “How dare she hold us to our history of lies, manipulation, and propaganda!”

It’s so pathetic. McEnany is forced to deal with these adults as if they were babies. She is trying to inform the country and they are throwing temper tantrums. Is it any wonder why she has to get tough, throwing their garbage back at them?

McEnany defended the president’s difficult decisions to battle the disease. Could any of those con men in the press pool say they would have done any better? Of course not. They are not leaders, but children. They lie and cheat, then pout when called out for it.

Why should any of us bother to listen to them?

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