President Trump To Launch Widespread Violence Plan In ‘Very Near Future’

As calls from the left to defund the police continue, violence grows across major U.S. cities. Democrat leaders refuse to support their own police, as shootings and crime rises. President Trump has frequently criticized the left’s response to this surge in crime. Now, he promises to address it.

In the weeks since widespread protesting and rioting erupted across our nation, we’ve seen a spike in violent crime. Democrats, either to appear “woke” or to pander to radical activists, have promised to defund their cities’ police department. From Los Angeles to New York, liberal mayors have slashed funding for the one group devoted to keeping their streets safe.

Almost immediately, we’ve seen the results. Shootings jumped in cities like Chicago and New York. Violent crime in big cities continues to get worse. A new wave of innocent bystanders is getting attacked, shot, and killed—including young children. Yet Democrats insist on denying their police the ability to act.

President Trump has been outspoken over the defund the police push. He has rejected it—calling for local leaders to support their police. In the face of rising crime, White House chief of staff Mark Meadows promised action.

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said he anticipated as soon as “early next week” action from the Trump administration to address the threat of violence in big cities in the United States…

…” We have had a number of discussions with Attorney General Barr and Secretary Wolf. But, as they look to come together, it’s not just that they’re going to get engaged in some cities, but it’s making sure that the rule of law is actually there for the benefit of moms and dads and aunts and uncles across this country.”

“And so you will see that in the very near future, early next week, as we start to address some of the tragic scenes that have been happening in our big cities,” Meadows added. [Source: Breitbart]

It’s unclear at this time what Meadows meant by “address.” Recently, President Trump has issued several executive orders in light of violence and rioting. He has ordered the federal government to defend national monuments, promising 10 years in prison for those who try to destroy them. He has also shown support for police departments, signing an EO that will provide more funding and training for cops.

His future actions could include additional orders, using the power of the federal government to intervene in local communities. Some have wonder why he appeared reluctant to step in early, as rioters burned cities and vandals tried to destroy statues. But the president made it very clear that it was the responsibility of governors and mayors to get their states under control.

Unfortunately, Democrat leaders refused to do so. So now, it is up to the president to act. Through the DOJ he can send resources to address problems in big cities. He can have U.S. attorneys prosecute violent crimes. The FBI can also play a role in combating violence in our streets. There has been talk of cutting funding for states that refuse to defend national monuments. Perhaps President Trump will withhold federal grants from states that refuse to address ongoing violence.

Whatever he does, be sure it will go a long way in ending the chaos. But it won’t be a permanent solution. Young children will continue to die, if police can’t do their job. What’s stopping them from keeping cities safe? Local Democrats. They are the only people working to stop cops from being cops. They attacked cops in the media, they slashed their funding, and they put criminals ahead of police departments.

Only when these “leaders” are voted out of office, will some cities see better days.

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