President Trump Reveals Why He Isn’t Prepping For Debates

In less than two weeks, the first presidential debate between Trump and Biden will be held. Numerous Democrats have urged Biden to drop out, while others have proposed additional debates between the candidates. President Trump jumped into the fray to discuss the upcoming event. He called out Joe, pointing to an inconvenient fact, for the Democrats.

Earlier this week, the Internet was abuzz with the notion of a Joe Rogan-moderated debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. While millions of Americans would love to watch such an event, it is highly unlikely we’ll ever see it. What has been proposed—a four-hour debate with no audience, just the candidates sharing their vision—would be just too much from the 77-year-old Democrat.

Just look at the facts. Biden’s campaign has been going out of their way to avoid prolonged appearances by the man. He recently appeared outside a wheatfield, all by himself, to criticize and slander the president. Meanwhile, Trump and Pence have resumed their legendary rallies, packing out venues from coast to coast.

Many wonder if Biden will even show for the three debates already scheduled. Liberal writers and even Nancy Pelosi have said Joe should drop out. We know why. The man is struggling to make sense, even when given a teleprompter. Will he even be able to handle a live debate against a juggernaut like Donald Trump?

President Trump talked about this very issue. Referencing Joe’s previous performances, he made a startling comment.

President Trump on Tuesday said he “sort of” prepares every day for the upcoming general election debates with Joe Biden, while once again suggesting his Democratic rival should take a drug test ahead of the events to see whether or not he is “taking something that gives him some clarity.”

“I don’t know which Biden is going to show up because I watched him during the debates, when they had 20 people on the stage … and I watched him and he was a disaster,” Trump said, referring to the Democratic primary debates. “You don’t get worse. He was grossly incompetent.”

The president, though, said that during the one-on-one debate on March 15 between Biden and former Democratic candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., the former vice president was “OK.” [Source: Fox News]

The president made an interesting observation about Joe’s performances during the primaries. He said Joe was “a disaster” during the overcrowded early debates, when twenty candidates battled for the nomination. But when Joe was forced to debate Bernie Sanders one-on-one, Trump claims he did “Okay.”

He appears to be suggesting Biden got a little “help” for his debate with Sanders. Which is why Trump is requesting a drug test before the debates. He didn’t claim to know what Joe is on, if anything (he suggested it just might be “15 cups of coffee”), but he is concerned Joe is using something.

Some have speculated that the Democrat is talking strong medication to stave off the signs of early dementia. It appears many of the odd, off-putting, and troubling moments we’ve seen from Joe match up with both mental decline and the use of certain drugs.

Trump said he didn’t know “which Joe” would be showing up for the debates. Will he be lucid, thanks to medication or will he be as confused, tired, and weak as we’ve seen in recent days?

Either case, the prospects are terrifying, for Democrats. To think that they are putting up, for president, a man with dementia is despicable and cruel. They are so determined to remove Trump from office that they’d do anything, even ignore the signs that Joe Biden is suffering mental decline.

But come September 29, we all might see Joe crumble in real-time. And it will be entirely the left’s fault.

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