President Trump Reveals New Border Wall Enraging The Left

President Trump’s signature promise from the 2016 campaign was to secure our Southern border with a big, beautiful wall.

Democrats in Congress have done everything they can to stop it. Even today, the media has lied about the progress of Trump’s border wall. But the president visited the border to show the progress he’s made. And he trolled the left with a new message.

It’s no secret that Democrats want an open border. Their entire political strategy is to ignore Americans and to embrace illegal immigrants. Everything they want to do as leaders contradicts what we want. They attack our values and beliefs. Even cities run by Democrats are festering hell holes.

Yet they don’t bother changing their platform to win over voters. Why? It’s simple: they think they will win with the help of outsiders.

That is why they don’t want to end illegal immigration—and certainly will never support Trump’s wall.

But President Trump isn’t worried. He promised a big, beautiful wall and—come hell or high water—he’s going to deliver. He’s already diverted money from the Pentagon to address the crisis at the border. Large portions of the border have been secured with improvements to existing barriers or brand-new barriers.

Trump was at the border himself to prove the progress his administration is making.

President Trump, in an exclusive interview on “Fox & Friends” Thursday, told Ed Henry that “brand-new wall” sections have been built along the U.S.-Mexico border, contrary to claims by some Democrats.

Trump said the new wall sections include 14 miles at the site in California where the interview was held.

“This was not here two weeks ago. This is all brand-new wall. … We’re building on many different sites all up and down along the border,” he said…

“We wish we had help from the Democrats in Congress, but they said they want open borders,” the president said during the wide-ranging interview with Fox News’ Ed Henry. “They don’t want this. They want criminals to come in.” [Source: Fox News]

Some 2020 Democrats, like Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg, are going farther than the rest of the left. They want to eliminate the law that makes it illegal to enter the U.S. without permission. Imagine that! They’re not even trying to hide their support for illegal immigration anymore. They openly admit they want illegals bombarding our border all day and night.

Clearly, they are desperate for votes—not from Americans—but from the estimated 11 million illegal aliens in the country. Good for them that many states rejected voter ID laws, huh?

But President Trump has a message for all those open-border Democrats. The days of looking the other way as people snuck in are over. And he’s putting in a language they can understand.

No mas! He posted this image twice, the second version is entirely in Spanish. Trump isn’t playing around. He is putting the well-being of Americans first. Democrats have corrupted our immigration system, putting illegals, criminals, and phony asylum seekers first. But Trump is trolling them, with a message that those days are over.

No more fake asylum claims. No more “catch and release” loopholes. And no more illegal entry into the United States.

Nobody in their right mind should oppose this. Yet Democrats do. Proving they’re not interested in safe, legal immigration—but exploiting a crooked situation that sees thousands of women raped, countless children abused, and many murdered. Not to mention the damage done to our society thanks to drug cartels.

You better believe the left was outraged by this tweet. They have banked entirely on Trump’s policies being “racist.” Imagine what they’ll say about this image! The angrier they get, the less believable they are to the rest of America.

Meanwhile, Trump is taking a strong stand against corruption and lawlessness. He is putting Americans’ safety and security first. Anyone that’s upset about that… well, they’re exposing their true motives.

They’re not really into America or Americans.

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