President Trump Planning to Top Last Travel Ban? Terrorist-Backing Countries on Alert

During his first year in office, Donald Trump signed an executive order that restricted entry into the U.S. from countries connected to terrorists. The left had a meltdown over his “travel ban,” but the Supreme Court held it up. Now, three years after the original order, Trump might up the ante in a big way.

When Donald Trump ran for president, he promised to put our national security first. That included taking strong measures to ensure terrorists couldn’t easily slip into our country.

The inconvenient truth about recent terrorist attacks can’t be ignored. Many of them were committed by people who emigrated to the United States or easily entered the country without a problem. Had the slightest bit of vetting taken place, these people would never have been allowed in.

President Trump sought to remedy that with an executive order that restricted entry into our country from nations known to have strong ties to terrorism. These nations were identified by the previous administration. But when Trump signed his order, all hell broke loose.

The fake news media spread the lie that Trump was banning Muslims from entering the United States. Even though two of the nations clearly did not have large Muslim populations. The left also ignored the fact that, with 50 Muslim countries in the world, Trump was only restricting entry from 5 of them. Meaning 90% of the Muslim world was still free to enter the country.

Left-wing judges tried to block his order. The battle was taken all the way to the Supreme Court, which gave Trump the win. Since the order was put into effect, the results have been clear.

“The Travel Ban has been very successful in protecting our Country and raising the security baseline around the world,” [White House House spokesman Hogan Gidley] said… “We do not want to import terrorism or any other national security threat into the United States.” [Source: Daily Wire]

The ban was never a permanent solution, but a way to give our country time to increase vetting procedures at ports of entry. And that’s just what we’ve done. Under Trump, we have better ways of preventing dangerous individuals from entering the country.

But reports indicate, that’s just the beginning. On the anniversary of Trump’s first executive order, some are saying he’s about to sign a new one. And it addresses numerous countries that weren’t on the first list.

President Donald Trump is reportedly considering ramping up the number of countries that are on the travel ban list, which targets countries that have strong ties to terrorism…

“The countries on the proposed expansion list include allies that fall short on certain security measures,” The AP added. “The additional restrictions were proposed by Department of Homeland Security officials following a review of security protocols and ‘identity management’ for about 200 countries, according to the person.” [Source: Daily Wire]

According to reports, seven new countries might be on the travel restrictions list. Right now, an official list has not been released. But the mention of “allies” that fall short on security measures might mean that we’ll be seeing European countries on this list.

It’s no secret that Europe has become a hot-bed of terrorist activity. The refugee influx of 2015 (and on) brought millions of Muslim migrants into European nations. Those countries continue to suffer from that unchecked movement, with entire regions of once-safe countries overrun with radical, violent residents. It’s very possible that from these nations, would-be attackers are trying to enter the United States.

Another nation that might be on the list is Mexico. We’ve had a long struggle to secure our border from our Southern neighbor. But in addition to illegal immigrants, Mexico is often considered a revolving door for Middle Eastern travelers. It’s easier for potential terrorists to get into Mexico and then slip across the border.

A travel ban targetting Mexico (or other South American countries) could put a damper on that plan.

Right now, the White House is tight-lipped about this new order. But it could be coming very soon.

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