President Trump Makes Drastic Announcement For Police Reform

Democrats across the country are responding to riots and protests by promising to weaken police departments. Liberal mayors want to defund their police, ensuring there will be fewer cops on the streets. House Democrats have unveiled a bill that will weaken cops even more and strip needed protections from police forces. In response, Trump is planning his own proposal.

Four bad cops were responsible for the death of George Floyd. Not only were these men fired, but they are facing charges. But that is not good enough, it seems, for the leftist mob. Democrats and the media are bowing to radical groups like Antifa and BLM to brand all cops as villains. They want to make sure violence and death are the norm in major cities, by defunding police departments or shutting them down altogether.

House Democrats, after a bogus act of virtue signaling, crafted a bill that would limit police’s ability to protect communities—and make them vulnerable to bogus lawsuits. They want the federal government to have more say in how your city is kept safe, then the police department in your city.

Trump had a different response. He met with law enforcement leaders and got their input. Now, he’s planning an executive order that will address real problems, while supporting our cops.

President Trump will soon have a list of police reform proposals that can be accomplished through a combination of executive and legislative action…

The potential executive actions would be taken at the Justice Department, and would be executed in conjunction with law enforcement and community leaders.

The priority of the proposals will be on putting in place protections for communities, but not tying the hands of the police…

Trump met with law enforcement leaders who gave him some proposals for possible reforms on Monday, in the wake of the in-custody death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. [Source: Fox News]

Sen. Tim Scott is working on legislation. This is the same Republican who helped turn around inner cities with Opportunity Zones. Mark Meadows and Jared Kushner will be representing the White House to work with Scott.

Through executive orders, Trump can use the DOJ to address ongoing problems in police departments. A.G. Barr himself discussed banning chokeholds and other potentially deadly techniques. But it’s clear the president has no intention of supporting an agenda that demonizes our cops, nor weakens their ability to protect our cities.

When asked about the “Defund the Police” movement, Trump said, “We will not be defunding, dismantling, or disbanding our police.” It’s clear he will not embrace any policy that will hamper our police departments.

Let’s be honest: the left’s current “movement” to defund police is just a pathetic ploy during an election. In 2018 it was “Abolish ICE.” They think they can undercut Trump’s winning record by promising something that will only appease the most radical, most dangerous members of their party.

The rest of the country is horrified by such a notion. But, as is often the case, our media is ignoring most Americans to focus on their agenda. They interview radical leftists who call relying cops to help you “privilege.”

This is how insane the left has become. They no longer care about law and order. They don’t even care about keeping Americans safe.

If they had it their way, all of the country would be like Minneapolis, right now. A smoking crater with nobody there to help us.

Perhaps it’s time we defunded crooked Democrats?

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