President Trump Fires Back At Attorney General After Threat

President Trump visited the Ford Motor Co. plant in Detroit, Michigan. Before arriving, the state’s attorney general demanded Trump wear a mask while at the factory. Trump did not (while appearing before reporters), nor did Ford force him to. The AG then threatened the company. Now, Trump is firing with both barrels.

How stupid are Democrats? That’s a serious question. These arrogant elitists are so out-of-touch with reality, they think they can demand we bend to their every whim.

We’ve seen how Democrats at the state level have bullied free Americans. They shut down churches, doomed businesses, and put millions out of work. The attorney general of Michigan, Dana Nessel, thought she could bully the President of the United States by saying he had to wear a mask when he visited the Ford Motor Co.

According to the president, he did wear a mask during a portion of the tour. But when he spoke before reporters, he wore no mask. The insane AG of the state seemed to want to punish Ford over this. So, the president went after her.

President Trump blasted the attorney general of Michigan late Thursday after she said she was going to have a “very serious conversation” with Ford Motor Co. for allowing the president to go without a mask during part of a tour of the company’s Rawsonville Components Plant in Ypsilanti…

Trump did wear a mask for part of the tour of the plant that has been repurposed to make medical supplies, but refused to put it on in front of reporters. [Source: Fox News]

Trump, in no uncertain terms, warned the state that if they pushed around Ford, they might lose them. Ford was going to shut down their historic Detroit plant and move to Mexico—until Trump ran for president. He specifically called out Ford during his announcement speech, promising that if they moved out of the country, he would—as president—hit them with a big tariff.

Even before he was elected, they responded… by not moving their plant.

So, Trump is absolutely right about saving those jobs. But if the tyrannical leaders of Michigan continue to harass companies, why should they keep putting up with it? They should move to Ohio or Indiana. Hell, they can pull up their stakes and move to the South—if they want to.

This AG thinks she has the power to push around a company that’s been in business for over 100 years. Over what, a face mask? Let’s be honest, the jury’s still out over whether or not face masks are really needed. Unless you’re a doctor (or working in a meat packing plant), odds are your little mask is doing diddly.

Want to know why the CDC changed its rule and many cities mandate them? To make you feel better about going outside. It’s a placebo, my friends. In fact, Trump has been taking preventative medication to battle infection. That’s much more effective than a thin piece of cloth.

But that’s not the point. This AG thought she could “punish” a company because they didn’t force the President of the United States to wear a mask. Imagine if they tried to force Obama to wear a mask. Never would have happened. Yet Nessel is so deranged, so drunk on her hatred of the president, she’d doom her own career over this nonsense.

This entire crisis has revealed the true character of the left. They aren’t proud, American-loving patriots. They are socialists hiding in the open. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. They only needed a tiniest scare, to force their radical, far-left agenda on millions of Americans.

Don’t be fooled, they want to do much worse than what we’ve already seen. But something tells me more than few of them will be out of a job, come November.

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