President Trump Ends Another Disastrous Obama-Era Policy

President Donald Trump tweeted Wednesday that he will not allow “low income housing” to mess with America’s “Suburban Lifestyle Dream.”

Trump noted that his administration’s decision to replace an Obama-era housing rule aimed at funding low income housing options would help housing “go up” and crime “go down.”

Trump critics were quick to accuse the tweets of being racist. This comes less than a week after Trump began courting the votes of “suburban housewives” by claiming Vice President Joe Biden would “destroy your neighborhood.”

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson defended the administration’s move to the Daily Caller last week.

“At the request of the President, HUD will be tearing down the Obama Administration’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule,” Carson told the Caller. “In nearly every case, it is a fact that local governments are more adequately equipped to deal with their community’s unique needs than any unelected bureaucrat in Washington.”

The Trump administration further argued the rule hurt low income Americans because only wealthy neighborhoods could afford to produce the housing reports the rule required.

“President Trump made a promise to preserve America’s neighborhoods, I am pleased to report that promise has been kept,” Carson said.

Author: Anders Hagstrom

Source: Daily Caller: Trump Reassures Suburban America: Don’t Worry About ‘Low Income Housing’ Messing Up The Neighborhood

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