President Trump Calls out Biden’s Disturbing Gaffes —He Explains What’s Really Happening

The Democratic frontrunner, Joe Biden, has made a series of noticeable gaffes in recent days. It seems his tendency to mix up names, places, and basic details is growing worse. Yet this is the man the Democratic establishment wants running the country. President Trump weighed in on the issue, giving his opinion on the matter.

Isn’t it funny when you hear the left say Trump is “mentally unstable”? From time to time, some idiotic congressman or pundit will say Trump is unfit to lead, because of his lack of mental faculties.

We’ve yet to see anything from the president to suggest his mind is slipping.

That’s not the case with former Vice President Joe Biden. Long before he announced his candidacy for president, Biden’s had a history of making bizarre gaffes. Once upon a time, they appeared to be simple slips of the tongue. But not anymore. Let me take you on a journey—of just the last week or two.

At the end of February, Joe Biden announced he was a Democratic candidate for the United States Senate. Then during a debate, he famously announced that 150 million Americans (about half the population), have been killed by guns since 2007. He confused Chris Wallace, calling him Chuck. And we all remember the event when he said “tomorrow’s Super Thursday” and them fumbled with the Declaration of Independence.

You know, the thing.

Those are just the highlights. It seems every time Biden opens his mouth, he says something that just isn’t right. We’re not talking about mixing up a few words in a speech. These are basic facts that a sharp-minded candidate should not be messing up.

Donald Trump weighed in on what’s going on.

President Donald Trump ripped Democratic presidential front runner Joe Biden on Wednesday night during an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, suggesting that Biden’s mind was so far gone that he did not even know what he was criticizing when he took a shot at the Trump administration.

“What do you make of these numerous gaffes of Joe Biden?” Hannity asked…

“I just – you know, I’ve never seen anything like it to be honest. And I’m sure that the Democrats are saying the same thing… And then I watched Biden try and criticize us, but I’m not sure he knows what he’s criticizing, to be honest with you. But I watched him the other day try.” [Source: Daily Wire]

President Trump is not known for going easy on his rivals. But during this interview, he almost appeared reluctant to hammer Biden over his frequent gaffes. He did call out the candidate for his mistakes. Trump said, “I’ve never seen anything like it.” I’d have to agree. There have been a lot of candidates for president. But few who say the things Biden is saying.

The only reason these gaffes haven’t sunk him, is because the media and Democrats (same thing) are propping him up. They are ignoring all the signs that something serious might be wrong with Joe. So much attention has been placed on Sanders’ heart. Has anyone inspected Biden’s brain?

Why aren’t Democrats asking Biden to prove his mental faculties are healthy? This man wants to run our economy, negotiate with foreign powers, and lead the military. But he can even remember an interviewer’s name! Imagine what kind of damage he’d do to our country, in this mental state?

President Trump was willing to acknowledge that Biden doesn’t seem to be all there. He seems to see a disturbing problem growing within the Democrat. Trump’s not a doctor, so he can’t say for sure. But we should all be paying attention to what Biden says.

And if it keeps not making sense, he’s needs to call it quits.

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