President Trump Announces New Pardon — Identity Revealed Today

Donald Trump has pardoned several controversial figures in recent years. As president, he has the power to pardon anyone he wants. And it seems he’s picking people not only worthy of their freedom, but people who will outrage the left. Rumors swirled he was about to pardon a newsworthy figure on the run for years. He announced we would learn who today. Could it be who we’re thinking it could be?

In recent years, Trump has used his presidential powers to pardon several well-known people. It seems the country was blindsided by his pardoning of Rod Blagojevich, a man sent to federal prison after being allegedly set up by the FBI. He claims all he was doing was “horse-trading” a common move in politics. But for that he was sent to prison for years, a punishment Trump felt was unjustified.

More recently, Trump commuted the sentence of Roger Stone. Stone was a longtime friend and ally of Trump’s, who was apparently railroaded by the FBI during the Mueller probe. Accused of lying to the FBI, he was facing years in prison. He received plenty of support from conservatives and Trump supporters, who believed he was being unfairly treated. Thanks to Trump, he’s a free man.

But Trump might be topping both those actions with what he’s preparing to do now. He’s talking about pardoning someone well-known. Could it be the man who humiliated the Obama administration and exposed a major violation of Americans’ rights?

President Donald Trump is reportedly planning to pardon someone tomorrow that he said was “very, very important,” but it won’t be one major name that has been in the news recently.

The news comes as speculation has swirled that Trump could pardon former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, who leaked classified documents that damaged U.S. national security.

“On flight back from Wisconsin, Pres Trump told press pool he would be issuing a pardon on Tuesday to someone ‘very very important,’ but said it was not Michael Flynn or Edward Snowden,” CBS News correspondent Mark Knoller tweeted. [Source: Daily Wire]

The media is reporting that Trump is not planning on pardoning Michael Flynn or Edward Snowden. But it’s possible this is just a misdirection. President Trump has always played things close to the chest. And when he is preparing to do something, he often makes hints about it—while keeping the media guessing.

There is good reason to suspect Trump will pardon Snowden, considering his actions helped expose a major scandal within the government. It all happened on Obama’s watch, which the media worked overtime for us to not realize. Pardoning Snowden would not only remind Americans of what was going on during Obama’s time, but it would also encourage Americans to take a second look at how much information the government collects on us.

Others have speculated that Trump will pardon his former staffer Michael Flynn, who has been battling his charges in the courts for years. That is unlikely, as the DOJ already dropped the charges. It is only a matter of time before the radical judges dragging it out give up.

Some in the media are saying this is all a ruse to distract from the Democratic National Convention. Trump doesn’t need to pull a stunt to take attention away from that spectacle. According to reports of their first night, few have been impressed with what the left is offering up.

But Trump does have a flair for the dramatic. And this pardon might be someone nobody is expecting. Chances are, though, it will be someone that the Democrats won’t like seeing walk free.

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