President Tears Into VP Harris On Border Issue — It Got Ugly

Maybe Kamala Harris should just stay home. Her first foreign trip to Latin America, in which she aimed to seek the “root causes” for northern migration, seems to be failing miserably. Latin leaders aren’t mincing words: they blame the Biden administration for the recent border surge while Kamala scrambles to pass blame to invisible monsters like “climate change.” Her presence overseas has shown that under her and Biden’s leadership, America is sinking.

As the Vice President concludes her first foreign trip to Latin America, Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei has been forthright about why he believes his citizens are rushing north to the US-Mexico border. He points to a series of mixed messages and contradictory claims coming from the Biden administration. Ultimately he, along with the American people and the rest of the world, understand that Biden’s lax border policies are the very reason why a sudden rush of crime and illegal activity has struck the southern border.

President Giammatei called out the Harris and the Biden administration leading up to his bilateral meeting with the Vice President, making it clear that he holds a much different view than U.S. leaders.

“On the immigration issue, he said, we are not on the same side of the coin.”

Kamala Harris and her team are scrambling for proper messaging in response to President Giammatei’s criticism, passing blame to intangible plagues largely exaggerated or totally made up by the Biden administration.

Symone Sanders, Harris’ chief spokesperson, informed reporters what Kamala believes are the “main drivers” behind the ongoing Border Crisis.

“A combination of climate change and economic issues are the main drivers contributing to the the surge at the US-Mexico border,” Sanders reiterated.

The invisible monster of “climate change” rears its ugly head once again at a time of convenience when Kamala desperately seeks for a way out of this mess.

She’s said it before, and Symone’s message largely mirrors what Harris has identified in the past as the “root issues” of sudden migration.

“I’m thinking of corruption, violence and poverty, the lack of economic opportunity, the lack of climate adaptation and climate resilience, the lack of good governance,” Kamala said at the time.

However, President Giammatei isn’t baking down, demanding “the United States government send a more of a clear message to prevent more people from leaving,”

The Vice President seemed to heed the Guatemalan President’s advice, telling potential border crossers: “Do not come” Do not come!”

But her last-minute declaration reads as another contradiction, straying away yet again from what she still considers are the “root causes” of mass migration, namely “climate adaptation and resilience.”

“I’m really clear we have to deal with the root causes. And that is my focus. Period,” Harris said before departing on Air Force 2.

During her trip, Harris openly charged the Latin leader and his country with corruption in an attempt to further obfuscate the actual cause of sudden illegal immigration, namely Biden’s policies.

She announced the formation of an anti-corruption task force for the region – a pointless initiative made solely to give the appearance she was tackling the “root causes.”

Highlighting the differences between the two sides, Giammattei categorically denied Harris’ charges of corruption in Guatemala.

“How many cases of corruption have I been accused of?” Giammattei asked an American reporter. “I can give you the answer: zero.”

Author: Asa McCue