Portland Mayor Abandoning Home After Rioters Swoop In

The city of Portland has been under sieged by rioters for over three months. Their mayor, Ted Wheeler, rejected Trump’s offer of help in an insulting open letter. Time and again, Wheeler tried to impress the anarchists burning his city. They thanked him by attacking his upscale condo building. Now, the mayor is turning tail and running.

Democrats are becoming more and more pathetic. We are seeing a pattern emerge. Rich, arrogant, elitist liberals vote for the worst candidate possible. Then, when those politicians ruin their city or state, they turn tail and run.

Many California residents are fleeing to states like Arizona and Texas. Famed podcaster Joe Rogan just announced he’s leaving LA for Texas. How much do you want to bet he’ll keep voting for socialists like Bernie Sanders, ensuring Texas will go the way of San Francisco? New York’s elite turned the Big Apple into a wasteland. Now, they are leaving the Upper West Side to places like South Carolina and Virginia.

Now, the mayor of Portland, who openly encouraged rioters and looters, in fleeing his home after one night of rioting.

The Democratic mayor of Portland, Ore., is moving from his $840,000 condo to avoid rioters who have repeatedly targeted the building, according to a report.

Ted Wheeler wrote to neighbors in his building to say it would be “best for me and for everyone else’s safety and peace” for him to move from the building that rioters tried to torch on his 58th birthday Monday, according to The Oregonian. [Source: New York Post]

Wheeler has ignored the Portland riots for THREE MONTHS. Yet after one night of riots outside his bedroom window, the coward is fleeing.

Must be nice, Ted. Hey, what about all those Portland residents who can’t leave? You know, the ones whose businesses, homes, and livelihoods have been destroyed by the Marxists you support? They can’t just turn tail and run from the problem.

Even if they could, they wouldn’t. They have pride in their homes and neighborhoods and want to see them thrive. Ted, on the other hand, is an elitist liberal who has the loyalty of a tapeworm. After refusing to end nearly 100 days of violence and chaos, he is moving to a nicer abode.

I wonder if his new home will be in a gated community outside the city? I’m sure it will have a state-of-the-art security system. What about all those folks who can’t afford such luxuries? Shouldn’t the mayor of a city put those people first?

Yet Wheeler instead is only looking out for himself. Remember when he appeared at one of the riots to support those scum bags? He was booed and jeered and hit with tear gas. Pretty appropriate.

Many liberal voters have been walking up to the fact that Democrats don’t care about the cities they are supposed to represent. And they certainly don’t care when millions of Americans are put out of work thanks to their policies and decisions.

But many more need to wake up. We won’t be on the right track until every Democrat like Wheeler is handed their walking papers.

A good start is to recall this coward, before he does more damage.

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