Portland Enters New Phase Of Violence Never Seen Before

Among the many blue cities that called for a defunding of their police, Portland might be facing the worst of it. Radical activists have stormed the city, rioting for weeks on end. Yet the leaders refused to the help of the federal government as they’ve entertained ideas about defunding the police. Now, we have discovered the city hit a new milestone in July—for murders.

When you think of inner-city crime, perhaps the city that first doesn’t jump to mind is Portland. After all, Portland’s recent reputation has been one of laid-back hipsters and trendy clothing stores. But, thanks to increasingly radical Democratic leadership, the city has seen its worst days yet.

Democrats have allowed Antifa to fester in the city for years. Some of the most egregious violence done by this Marxist group has been in Portland. In the aftermath of the Summer protests, Portland has become a virtual warzone, as Antifa storm local courthouses and other buildings.

But the city’s response has been pathetic. Like so many other Democrat leaders, they embrace a defunding of the cops. Portland’s leaders were outraged when federal law enforcement stepped in to end the chaos. Even now, it appears things aren’t getting better, as the state and city refuse to restore law and order.

Now a new record reveals the city is quickly becoming one of the worst in the country.

Portland’s police department recorded a record number of homicides in July, Oregon Live reports, as law enforcement struggled to handle both typical crime in the city and a growing, nightly protest that often turned into a riot.

The Portland Police department says that 15 people were killed in the city in July — a very low number for a major American city, but a far higher number than Portland has experienced in years passed. In fact, the number of July homicides is triple that of any single month period in the city going back nearly three decades.

So far, 2020 is on track to be one of Portland’s most violent years ever, with 24 homicides so far. There were 63 shootings in July, also nearly triple the number from the same period one year ago. [Source: Daily Wire]

Sure, Portland is not Chicago or Detroit. But how long before it becomes as bad as those blue cities? Did you know Minneapolis had the highest murder rate in the country? You probably didn’t until recently. Local Democrat leadership has a way of attaching itself to a healthy city and leeching away its life like a tumor.

Portland got this bad because its leadership refused to confront Antifa over the years. The current riots are nothing new. Antifa has been protesting, rioting, and attacking peaceful citizens for years. Whenever patriotic events are held in the city, Antifa thugs are quick to assault Americans, even the elderly. When have any of these punks faced justice?

The leadership of Portland refused to confront this dangerous group, so now, they are out of control.

That has only resulted in this grim record. What do you think will happen in the future? Unless the cops actually do their job, the good folks will just move. Portland will experience an exodus of jobs and opportunity. As poverty rushes in, so will the crime.

It’s already happening. But the city refuses to see it. Instead, they sit back and let Antifa turn a once-respected city into a wasteland.

The only solution, obviously, is for the people to stop electing chumps who hate law and order. But will the people of Portland wake up before it’s too late?

Perhaps it already is?

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