Popular Children’s Toy Gets Creepy Woke Makeover

Mr. Potato Head is no longer a ‘mister.’ 

The company that’s been making Mr. Potato Head for nearly 70 years has bent a knee to the woke mob. Hasbro has announced that the ever-popular Mr. Potato Head will receive a gender-neutral name change:

Potato Head. 

Hasbro isn’t the only toy company or major brand to change an iconic product to meet the politically correct standards of the day. Many companied are forced to repackage and rebrand their most popular items just to appease the far-Left. 

Barbie, for example, has been forced to shed her bleach blonde image. The doll now comes in a variety of skin tons and body shapes. More girl characters were added to the Thomas The Tank Engine line. American Girl is now forced to sell boy dolls. 

As part of the rebranding, Hasbro will release a new Potato Head playset this fall that will let kids create their own type of families, including two moms or two dads.

The Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head characters will live on in some form, Hasbro said, but didn’t provide details. Both have appeared in the “Toy Story” movies.

Dropping the “Mr.” from its name could encourage other companies to stop assigning genders to its toys, a trend that has already been happening, said Mierzejewski. Barbie maker Mattel released a gender-neutral doll line in 2019. But Mr. Potato Head is one of the biggest brands to do so.

GLAAD, an LGBTQ advocacy group, applauded the genderless toy potato.

Mr. Potato Head first hit the toy scene in 1952, and it didn’t even come with the famous plastic potato — kids had to supply their own vegetable to poke eyes, a nose or mustache into. Hasbro bought the brand and eventually added a plastic spud.

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