Pollster Sweating as Trump Scores Massive Minority Vote

The results of the 2020 Election continue to drag on as states refuse to finish counting ballots. But one result has come in loud and clear. Pollsters have been exposed for their fraud and dishonesty in numerous elections. But this election has left no shadow of doubt that they got this election wrong. And in one key demographic.

The media had been predicting all kinds of turnout for Trump in this election. They claimed that white Americans, especially suburban moms, would reject him. They were counting on blue-collar workers to ditch him from Democrat Joe Biden. And they were very sure that minority voters, especially black and Hispanic Americans, hated the president.

Well, the results from the states that actually bothered to finish their counting says otherwise. Trump shocked the pundits with massive turnout from nearly every demo. In fact, most demographics outperformed for Trump compared to last election. And in the case of minority voters, Trump nearly changed decades of voting patterns.

No matter how the election ultimately shakes out, Democrats have reason to be worried about the dramatic erosion of support among minority voters. Defying most expectations, early data shows that President Trump not only suffered no great backlash from non-whites, but actually earned more of their votes this time around. Indeed, it seems he won more minority votes than any Republican in 60 years.

According to exit polls, while Trump’s white male support dipped by five percent, it rose among women and minorities of both sexes. 17% of black men broke for Trump, as opposed to 13% in 2016. His support among black women doubled from 4% to 8%. Latino men and women both rose by 3%. This dynamic is the opposite of what you’d expect from one of the most racist presidents in history, as Biden and the rest of the Democrat Party have dubbed him. [Source: Daily Wire]

These results were clearly seen in key states this election. Donald Trump won Florida by a larger margin than in 2016—with nearly 400,000 more votes than Biden. This is largely thanks to the Latino vote. Joe Biden did little to win over Hispanic voters, besides playing an insulting song at one event. Meanwhile, many Hispanic Americans flocked to Trump’s banner over his success with the economy and promises to keep socialism out of America.

The same can be said of his support for black voters. Democrats were horrified to see such a high percentage of black voters support Trump this election. But they shouldn’t be. Trump has been bending over backwards to aid the black community. He has brought back jobs, higher wages, investments into inner cities, and secured school choice—just for starters.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden has done nothing but insult black voters from the very start of his campaign.

Much will be said about this election—both now and in years to come. But we’ve already seen a dramatic shift in how the country votes. Some states have seen changes their how their districts traditionally vote. Some have seen people vote who never voted before. And Democrats can no longer count on minorities to save them.

Perhaps they should rethink this whole “socialist” strategy?

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