Poll Reveals Who Americans Prefer to Fight Virus — Biden or Trump?

Even though we’re fighting a disease, the establishment media keeps playing politics. They are using this crisis to continue to hammer Trump, as if this is business as usual. But Americans are not so dumb. They are watching both potential candidates for president: Donald Trump and Joe Biden. And they are weighing in on who they prefer to handle the situation.

Although the outbreak has been a terrible situation, it has given us a golden opportunity to observe the caliber of our nation’s leaders. Some have risen to the challenge, showing us true strength, wisdom, and confidence. Others have crumbled like stale crackers. Worse still, others have exploited it to push their radical agenda, closing gun stores, pushing abortions, and threatening churches.

Donald Trump has come out clearly as a winner. Every day he hosts briefings to update the American people. He is making the tough choices to keep Americans safe. He has backed life-saving treatments, cut red tape, and provided trillions to keep the economy afloat. And Americans are watching.

What is his assumed rival doing? Joe Biden has slunk back to his home, only coming out to give softball interviews with the mainstream media. And he can’t even handle those! The apparent deterioration of his mind is becoming painfully clear. He can’t even follow a script handed to him. Biden has trouble finishing sentences. And this is without doing what Trump is doing right now, working around the clock 24/7.

If this is the best Biden can do, resting comfortably at home—how would he handle a crisis as POTUS?

Americans are sharing their opinion. And it doesn’t look good for Biden.

43 percent of Americans trust Joe Biden to handle the coronavirus crisis, compared to 45 percent who said the same about President Trump…

This poll also shows that only 42 percent of voters trust Joe to handle the economy, while 50 percent trust Trump. And currently, despite the ramifications shutting down our economy is having, 57 percent still approve of Trump’s handling of the economy…

Enthusiasm is another weak spot for the Serial Young Girl-Sniffer. Only 24 percent of Democrats are enthusiastic about Biden, the lowest number in the history of this poll. Meanwhile, 53 percent of Trump voters are “highly enthusiastic.” [Source: Breitbart]

Don’t believe any poll that is currently claiming Biden has the election in the bag. These numbers are far more telling. Even with this crisis, Trump supporters are highly enthusiastic about re-electing him. Meanwhile, Democrats watch as their guy is pushed off to the sidelines, unable or unwilling to lend a hand.

All Biden can do is mumble through words prepared for him by his handlers. And he can’t even do that right.

Do you think he would have the stamina or presence of mind to lead us during this crisis? Do you think a Democrat like Joe would be able to help us recover economically after this crisis is over?

If you want to know how Joe would lead, just watch him right now. The man looks tired and confused—yet he’s been resting in his house for weeks! He hasn’t provided a single insightful piece of advice during this crisis. The only good things he’s suggested are steps the president has already taken. Lately, it seems the man doesn’t even want to be involved.

Americans are noticing. And we’re saying we wouldn’t trust Joe Biden to handle this disease or the economy. With all the media attacking the president, Biden can’t even muster support.

Only 24% of Democrats are enthusiastic about the man. That should tell you all you need to know.

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