Political Shakeup In Deep Blue State Causes Total Democrat Panic

The tides are turning, the energy is shifting, and Democrats are left scratching their heads wondering what went wrong.

Following the blowout GOP victory in Virginia, and a slew of other Democrat defeats across the country, America’s liberal party, one that is veering further left by the day, has been smacked in the face with reality. It’s a reality they never wanted to admit — but we all know Democrats are experts at obfuscating the truth.

To make matters worse, one of their key strongholds – New Jersey – is following in the trend of removing longstanding Democrats from state office. The jury is still out on New Jersey’s gubernatorial race, though mainstream media has officially called it for the Democrat incumbent. The Republican challenger is raising questions about the vote counting process, though.

However, State Senate President Stephen Sweeney, a career New Jersey Democrat, lost his reelection campaign to a political newcomer who spent less than $10,000 on his campaign and didn’t even create a website.

That’s simply how bad American wants Democrats removed from office.

Edward Durr defeated Sweeney officially on Thursday when the final votes were counted. Durr is a Republican truck driver who had his finger on New Jersey’s pulse surrounding the growing discontent many felt over the path of destruction Democrats insist on taking us down.

Many mainstream media outlets have referred to Sweeney as “New Jersey’s most powerful lawmaker.” But not anymore!

Durr’s upset win dealt a severe blow to Democrats as Sweeney was “their most effective political machine.”

According to a New Jersey Election Law Enforcement document, Durr defeated Sweeney after spending only $2,300.

Let that sink in.

In comparison, just four years ago, one lobby group, the New Jersey Education Association, spent $5.4 million just to defeat Sweeney and he still won by 18 points.

It doesn’t take a political scientist to surmise that Americans are more than fed with Joe Biden, his radical agenda, and the Democrat Party at large; we’ve simply had enough with the lunacy.

New Jersey Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg, a Democrat, responded to the upset by saying in an interview, “It is stunning and shocking and I cannot figure it out.”

To put salt in the Democrats’ wounds, it wasn’t just Durr who saw major victory this week. His running mates, Bethanne McCarthy Patrick and Beth Sawyer, are poised to win their elections and unseat Democrat incumbents.
These shocking victories are a direct repudiation of New Jersey Democratic policy, namely high taxes, mask and vaccine mandates, left-wing education reform, and a destruction of Constitutional rights.

Jack Ciattarelli, the GOP governor hopeful, came within just a couple of points of knocking off the state’s incumbent Democrat governor, Phil Murphy, in a state that Biden won by nearly 16 points just last year.

Ciattarelli has yet to concede.

Author: Asa McCue