Police-Hating Mayor Changes Tune After Home Gets Vandalized

Local Democrats across the nation have tried to pander to the radical left by agreeing to defund police departments. Although Americans are against it, mayors of major cities promise to slash police funds, ensuring residents are less safe. The Democrat mayor of Oakland was about to approve a big cut for the city’s cops. Then, her home was attacked.

We can debate the insanity of the defund police movement all day. Yes, there are a few bad cops out there. But the vast, vast majority of officers are hard-working public servants who mean the difference between safety and chaos. Just look at blue cities right now, where the cops aren’t allowed to do their job. They’re like warzones.

Despite these obvious facts, and the fact that Americans support cops by a wide margin, Democrats have gotten it into their heads that defunding PDs is a good idea. I don’t know where they keep getting these crazy pills, but they keep popping them. Although Washington Democrats have been too cowardly to oppose this movement, local Democrats are all on board.

From Los Angeles to Chicago to New York, idiot liberal mayors are cutting police budgets. Already we’ve seen a massive spike in violent crime. In the city of Oakland, they were about to cut the PD budget as well. Until anarchists targeted the mayor’s home.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf’s (D) home was vandalized and spray-painted with radical demands and messages early Tuesday morning, less than 24 hours before the city council was expected to vote on even more cuts to the local police department’s budget…

Schaaf, who has previously argued that police departments are necessary, cast the deciding vote against the $2.75 million budget cut. [Source: Daily Wire]

Isn’t it funny how rich Democratic officials are all on board with defunding the cops, until they are the victims of a crime? In Seattle, Mayor Durkan refused to end the insane CHOP “block party”, until their radical protesters marched through her neighborhood. Mayor Schaaf of Oakland—a radical leftist who once tried to protect illegals from an ICE raid—was suddenly against defunding the cops…

But only because her home was vandalized a day before the vote.

But, but… I thought these were wonderful, patriotic, peaceful protesters? I thought it was wrong to deny BLM and Antifa thugs from destroying our businesses, tearing down statues, and threatening civilians? Shouldn’t Schaaf be applauding the vile messages these punks spray painted all over her nice, expensive home?

Democrats have always lived by one rule: do as we say, not as we do. They are fine with passing terrible policies that affect the rest of the country, but not them. They hold others to a standard they’d never use for themselves.
But when the chickens come home to roost in their neighborhood, they are sudden quick to reverse their ideas.

We’ve seen this trend repeated throughout the Summer. Leftists applaud destruction by protesters, until they start invading their neighborhoods. One liberal writer was happy to see homes in Minneapolis burn, but suddenly changed his tune when it was reported rioters were marching through Beverly Hills—his neighborhood. Then he called them “animals.”

That kind of hypocrisy is par for the course among Democrats. They pat themselves on the back for ideas like “defund the police,” painting it in big letters on the street. But they don’t ever expect to face the consequences of their policies, even less to be held accountable for the horrible aftermath.

Mayor Schaaf had her eyes opened, when the same punks the left defended attacked her home. She realized these “useful idiots” were useful no more. And that slashing the police’s budget just might hurt people she cared about, mainly herself.

Too bad Democrats never learn their lessons until it’s too late.

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