Pelosi’s Majority In Jeopardy As Yet Another Democrat Flees Her Grasp

All the signs indicate that Democrats will lose the House in the 2022 midterms. They might even lose the Senate. They only hold onto a slim, 5-seat majority, with polling suggesting Americans are done supporting this toxic party. They may have gotten a bump back when Trump was in office. But when they are forced to run on their own merits, things are looking bad.

This year was enough to convince Americans to ditch the left. Congress has done nothing to improve our country, only pushing Biden’s toxic spending agenda. They do nothing even as Sleepy Joe’s triggered one crisis after another. And their only goal is to pass a massive spending bill that will tax us into oblivion.

We’ve already seen many Democrats abandon ship. And now, we can add yet another to the list.

California Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier said Tuesday that she will not seek reelection in 2022, as her political party’s effort to keep the House majority appear increasingly challenging…

“It’s time for me to come home, time for me to be more than a weekend wife, mother and friend.”…

Speier is the ninth House Democrat to announce retirement plans before the midterms, when the party will have to defend its narrow majority in the lower chamber. A half-dozen other Democratic members are running for other offices next year.

Republicans need to gain five seats next year to recapture control of the House. [Just the News]

This puts a strain on an already strained Democratic Party. They only have five seats over Republicans in the House. But a combined 15 Democrats are leaving after next year, meaning they will have to defend the seats they already have and try to find new people to fill these vacant seats.

Meanwhile, recent polls reveal Americans prefer Republicans over Democrats 51%-41%. That should come as no surprise to anyone that’s been paying attention. But for Democrats, that is a disaster scenario. Americans largely blame Democrats for the problems hammering the country, right now. They sat back and let idiot Joe Biden erase whatever recovery we were having from COVID.

All we are seeing from Democrats are division, hate, “wokeness,” and promises for massive government spending. Not a single liberal in office can offer solutions to the inflation crisis, the open border, rising fuel costs, and more. In fact, they—like Joe—are pushing policies that will make these problems worse.

What can Democrats do to stave off this titanic defeat? Not much at this point. If they were smart, they would have found a way to compromise with Republicans years ago. Listen to the American public while prioritizing policies that helped regular folks, not big donors, globalists, and lobbyist groups.

But Democrats aren’t smart. Their impending doom is entirely their fault. And I am not at all upset about it.

Author: Peter Crews