Pelosi Shocks Even Democrats With Appalling Statement On Vandalism

Over recent weeks, we’ve heard very little from Democrat leaders over the destruction of U.S. statues. Rioters and anarchistic vandals have destroyed statues, monuments, and landmarks. The left says nothing. Now, Nancy Pelosi was forced to comment on the reckless trend. This is what she said.

The push to remove historic landmarks, particularly statues, began years ago. Radical activists, Black Lives Matter, called for the removal of statues of Confederate leaders. They claimed these statues “celebrated” slavery. President Trump opposed it, pointing out this would lead to the destruction of all our historical monuments.

He was right, yet again. This Summer, BLM and other rioters have not only attacked Confederate statues, but vandalized or destroyed monuments to George Washington, Christopher Columbus, Abe Lincoln, and others. They’ve even attacked statues of Nazi-fighter Winston Churchill and noted abolitionists, proving this has nothing to do with racism.

The response from the left has been pathetic. Most Democrat leaders are on board with white-washing our history. They are eager to remove statues of our leaders, even great heroes like Teddy Roosevelt and Lincoln. They are refusing to condemn the violence and crime. When finally forced to respond to the trend, Nancy Pelosi said this.

Pelosi made the remarks during a press conference on Thursday, after a reporter questioned whether she felt it was appropriate for mobs to topple statues instead of having governments follow the appropriate legal process, reports The Hill.

“Respectfully, shouldn’t that be done by a commission or the city council, not a mob in the middle of the night throwing it into the harbor,” the reporter asked Pelosi.

“People will do what they do,” Pelosi responded. [Source: Daily Wire]

Uh, what? “People will do what they do”? What the hell does that mean? It sounds like Pelosi is dismissing or perhaps condoning the act of criminals to destroy public property and the statue of a historical figure.

Don’t be fooled: acts of violence against statues are done by people who hate our history and national identity. They are using violence to forcibly impose their agenda onto our country. These activists are admitted Marxists (i.e.: communists) who want to wipe out our way of life and replace it with the godless, corrupt system they love.

Anyone who sits back and ignores what they are doing are a part of the problem. They are letting criminals try to erase our history and heritage. This is not about ending racism or honoring slave owners. This is about trying to destroy the very origins of our country.

And Nancy Pelosi seems fine with it. By saying “People will do what they do,” she is literally condoning crime. A real leader upholds law and order and condemns acts of violence. Pelosi swore an oath to defend our Constitution. But by saying this, she has broken that oath and allowed criminals to run free.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy chimed in, rebuking the Speaker over her unthinkable comments.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) responded to Pelosi’s comments about the Columbus statue on Twitter, saying her “job is to write laws. Instead, she encourages mobs to break them.” He also accused her of being “complicit with criminal activity.” [Source: Daily Wire]

She might be more than complicit. Pelosi’s shockingly apathetic attitude toward the violence suggests she—or her party—are actually behind it.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa have ties to Democrat donors. Many of the rioters were bailed out by rich liberals. It’s not hard to suppose that these riots, protests, and attacks on our statues were orchestrated by people working with Pelosi herself. They want to create a climate of fear and anger across the country. All to get people to turn on Trump.

But let’s be honest, who does all this chaos make you want to turn on: the man promising to end it, or the crazed, half-drunk woman who says “people will do what they do”?

I think I know the answer.

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