Pelosi Sabotages Infrastructure Deal With This Wild Demand

You can always count on Nancy Pelosi to spoil a good thing.

If you’ve been following the news out of D.C. (I won’t blame you if you don’t), you’ll know that Biden managed to secure a bipartisan deal on infrastructure. The pending bill is much less expensive than his original—and it actually focuses on real infrastructure needs like roads and bridges.

There is a chance that this bill can get passed with support from Republicans and Democrats in the Senate. That would be a much-need win for Joe Biden, who has been unwilling and unable to work with both parties (because he refuses).

But the chances of this bill getting past are already in doubt. Biden himself tried to torch the bill by threatening Republicans. Now, the top Democrat in the House makes it clear this bill will not pass in her chamber, unless her demands are met.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” that the House will not open debate on a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure deal unless the Senate passes a $3.5 trillion partisan plan through budget reconciliation…

Pelosi added, “I won’t put it on the floor until we have the rest of the initiative.” [Source: Breitbart]

Wow. We’ve always said Nancy Pelosi is an idiot. Now, here is the proof.

It took a lot of work for Republicans and Democrat to forge a deal both sides liked. Even so, it would take a lot for all Republicans in the Senate to approve. If any of them dissented, the bill might not survive.

Not a single Republican is on board with the bloated $3.5 trillion plan Biden also wants to get passed. It has nothing to do with infrastructure and would simply expand our welfare state to Soviet Union levels. Not to mention raise taxes while increasing our national debt.

Yet idiot Pelosi has set an ultimatum: pass this toxic plan or we won’t support the bipartisan bill.

There is no way a single Republican would approve the $3.5 trillion plan. Which means Democrats in the Senate need every last member to get it through. Even then, it’s uncertain if they can pass it through reconciliation, the so-called “nuclear option.”

And even if they could, moderate Democrats have made it very clear, they won’t pass a partisan spending bill. Sen. Joe Manchin has repeatedly said he would not support this $3.5 trillion plan, because it’s not bipartisan and because Joe Biden has not explained how he’ll pay for it.

Without Manchin’s vote, the bill is DOA. Yet Pelosi thinks she can strongarm the upper chamber of Congress with her empty threat.

Listen, Nance. Americans don’t want either of your plans. Infrastructure is badly needed. But we’d rather drive on bumpy roads than let Biden’s socialist dreams come true. We aren’t so desperate for the bipartisan bill to get passed, that we’d want to see Congress burn up $3.5 trillion.

She’s barking up the wrong tree and everybody knows it.

Author: Tim Jones