Pelosi Orders Capitol Police To Arrest GOP Colleagues

The utter tyrannical corruption of Nancy Pelosi knows no bounds.

It’s as if she can feel her hold on power slipping, and she will stop at nothing to maintain it. But now she has a “legitimate” excuse — the China virus. Using the global pandemic, Pelosi can justify wielding her power with such ruthlessness using a global pandemic that many have moved on — or are trying to move on — from.

This week, Nancy ordered Capitol Police to arrest D.C. staffers and visitors who refuse to wear a mask in defiance of the reinstated mandate. Everyone now must mask up regardless of vaccination status. If a House member or a visitor shows up to the Capitol building maskless, they will be asked to leave and will subsequently be taken to jail if they refuse to evacuate.

The Capitol’s attending physician, Brian Monahan, issued a memo stating masks were now required indoors even for the vaccinated after the CDC changed it’s guidance to combat “the delta variant” currently on the lips of every brainwashed liberal.

Monahan’s memo stated that any lawmaker or visitor who refuses to mask up with be met by the Sergeant-in-Arms.

Monahan’s guidance also said that lawmakers who violate the policy may be fined.

Republican Rep. from Florida Kat Cammack posted the Capitol Police memo to her twitter; and added some outrage to accompany it, charging Pelosi with “abuse of power.”

Cammack revealed the memo was actually leaked by a disgruntled whistleblower in the Capitol police force.

Other GOP lawmakers have expressed disdain toward the development as Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise took to Twitter to bash Pelosi.

Rep. Thomas Massie, equally as outraged, called Pelosi’s order “INSANE.”

During a press conference, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy clarified that the mandate would apply only to the House side of the Capitol, not the Senate, alluding to the possibility of confusion among passersby.

Freshman America First lawmaker Rep. Madison Cawthorn took a dig at Kamala Harris when he set up a donation fund to “bail out” any lawmakers who are fined or arrested as a result of Pelosi’s mask order. This move comes after VP Harris raised millions to bail out Far-Left domestic terrorists arrested for burning down major cities across the nation last summer.

This is the second iteration of the Capitol mask policy. Multiple GOP rule-breakers were fined the first time around. Here’s to hoping they remain just as defiant.

Author: Nolan Sheridan