Pelosi In Panic — Socialist Rival Vows To Take Over As House Speaker

In recent years, longstanding moderate Democrats in Congress have refused to stand up to the radical wing of their party. In fact, Democrats like Nancy Pelosi appear unable or unwilling to maintain control of their own party, letting far-left socialists run rampant. What has all that kowtowing gotten Pelosi? An extremist rival in her own district, gunning for her job.

It’s no secret that Democrats, even long-term ones in D.C., have been embracing an increasingly-radical platform. It’s been going on for years now, not long after Trump entered office. You might be wondering why. It has nothing to do with trying to stop Trump. The president has been embracing an America first agenda that has been working. Why would Democrats embrace an agenda that is the opposite?

It has more to do with figures like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Democrats fear radical, left-wing rivals will take their jobs, like AOC did with Joe Crowley. So, they have given more and more ground to radical leftists in their party and have tried to be more radical themselves.

That is why, after opposing impeachment, Pelosi gave in to her party to impeach Trump over a phone call. It’s also why she refused to reprimand Democrats like Ilhan Omar, who frequently reveals her anti-Semitic, anti-Israel bias.

But all that pandering to the far left has gotten Pelosi nowhere. Because after she’s ruined the Democrats with this radical platform, she faces an extinction of her own.

Even Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is not safe from the “cancelation” mobs, it turns out, as she discovered this weekend when she became the target of a progressive effort to oust her from her long-held seat in the House of Representatives.

Pelosi is the target of an attack from the left and will face Shahid Buttar in the general election in November. Buttar is, like many left-leaning insurgent candidates, a Democratic socialist with, as Townhall notes, a resume of progressive bona fides, including several trips to Burning Man, and plenty of “socially conscious music” and poetry available for free on SoundCloud. He is also an immigrant and a Muslim and wears his hair in a “man-bun.”…

On Saturday, Buttar’s campaign organized and deployed a social media campaign targeting Pelosi directly with a hashtag, “#PelosiMustGo,” in order to force the Speaker to debate Buttar publicly. [Source: Daily Wire]

This is what you call reaping what you sow. Pelosi refused to stand her ground; she didn’t reject these radical ideas to hold onto American values. In return, that same radical base is trying to take her job. Had Pelosi and establishment Democrats worked with Trump, securing wins for all Americans, this wouldn’t even be happening.

The radical left is like a cancer. It needs to be stopped at the source or it grows out of control. President Trump has taken a strong stance against these would-be socialists. But Democrats have turned a blind eye to their insane demands including cancel culture, universal health care, social justice, and so much more.

Pelosi’s rival wants the Green New Deal, “Medicare for All,” and other insane measures. Like radical activist Ilhan Omar, he’s an immigrant Muslim who will use identity politics as a powerful weapon to win. Pelosi, an aging white woman hated by many, might not stand a chance. She can’t even rely on moderate, independent voters sympathetic to Trump to save her, because she’s made herself an irrational enemy of the man.

Remember, she’s the idiot who tore up Trump’s speech immediately after the State of the Union. She is a Washington insider who has become a million after years in politics. She is everything the radical left — and many regular Americans—hates, and candidates like Buttar can easily exploit the far-left sentiments in a district like San Francisco to win.

At the very least, he can erode enough support from Pelosi to perhaps make her vulnerable. Or target some of her allies in other districts, who have less support that she.

Either way, Pelosi has created the very monster she tried to placate. I’m not sad if she’s devoured.

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