Pelosi In Hysterics As Trump Takes Revenge On Witch Hunt Committee

Nancy Pelosi and her cadre of anti-Trumper vigilantes on the January 6 House Select Committee are finally feeling the heat after a major lawsuit was filed against their insidious and unconstitutional investigative tactics.

Mark Meadows, Trump’s former White House chief of staff, revealed Wednesday that he proceeded with a lawsuit in D.C. federal court after denying the committee a deposition earlier that day.

In response, the witch hunters claimed they had “no choice” but to move forward with recommending criminal contempt of Congress proceedings against the subpoenaed Meadows after he changed course and said he would no longer cooperate with its investigation.

According to Meadows’ complaint, the former congressman became entrapped by the conflicting demands of the House Select Committee and his former boss. The former demanded that he break executive privilege and provide unnecessary and illegal documents, while the latter demand that he not cooperate while the executive privilege argument is decided in court.

Meadows said he needs a court to determine what the law is in this case. He said he tried to accommodate the committee “in good faith.”

Eager as ever, the witch hunt committee isn’t backing down and will essentially ignore the lawsuit and proceed business as usual, saying, “Mr. Meadows’s flawed lawsuit won’t succeed at slowing down the Select Committee’s investigation or stopping us from getting the information we’re seeking.”

Sounds a lot like fascism, doesn’t it?

The Committee is set to convene next week to advance recommendations that Meadows be held in contempt of Congress and referred to the Justice Department for prosecution.

Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, who also resisted a Jan. 6 committee subpoena, is already facing contempt of Congress charges. A federal judge set July 18 as a tentative date for the trial.

Meadows initially agreed to appear for a deposition before the committee Wednesday but then backed out of it citing concerns that the panel tried to obtain privileged information, including his cellphone records.

Former President Donald Trump urged aides from his administration not to comply with Jan. 6 committee subpoenas and claimed executive privilege. Joe Biden has waived the claim of executive privilege on Jan. 6 records, and the matter is playing out in court.

Meadows have an interview with Fox News earlier this week where he claimed that he tried to provide the committee with different options to answer their questions while still complying with Trump’s wishes.

Meadows has already sent the committee over 6,000 pages of documents.

If anything Meadows has learned a valuable lesson, one that he should’ve already been well aware of:

Never comply with Democrat elite. Never give them an inch…because they’ll take a mile.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth