Pelosi Desperately Tries To Hide These Secretly-Snapped Photos Of Her

Talking about mask mandates is as pointless and irritating as wearing the masks themselves. We all know the statistics and how Democrats push these rules—not to protect anyone—but to grab more power from the American people. But whenever a story like this pops up, it can’t be ignored.

Nancy Pelosi has used the pandemic to push her agenda as much as she could. As House Speaker, she’s abused her power left and right. She issued a mask mandate for all members of Congress. Those who do not comply (i.e.: Republicans) she punishes in the form of lowering their salaries. It’s gotten so egregious, a number of congressmen are suing her. The case has been taken up by a federal judge.

I guess that means Pelosi really does believe masks can save lives, right? After all, she is always holding press conferences, making a show of her mask. But hold on, if she is such a mask advocate, why was she seen totally maskless at a crowded, D.C. event?

The photos appear to show Pelosi at a D.C. party hosted by the California State Society earlier this evening with guests surrounding Pelosi, including a child, wearing masks — but Pelosi’s is nowhere to be seen.

The event reportedly took place at the Museum of American History. Tickets for the event state that all attendees over the age of two are required to wear masks.

A source in DC who obtained the photos and passed them to Breitbart News said security personnel at the event asked them to put on their masks as soon as they arrived. [Source: Breitbart]

Apparently someone at this gala event snapped a few shots of Pelosi going maskless. It doesn’t seem she had intended on wearing a mask at all. Her trademark patterned face mask isn’t around her neck, nor are there any signs she had one readily at hand. This is perplexing, given that tickets for the event required everyone to wear a mask.

More galling? We see from the photos that Pelosi knew people were taking pictures. Yet she didn’t even bother with pretending like she followed her own rules. It seems like, once again, the Speaker is showing that she believes she is above the rules. Even at an event requiring a mask, she doesn’t think she needs one.

Pelosi had previously flouted the rules during the lockdowns, when she visited a closed salon to get her hair done. At the time, she was also without a mask. Back then, she accused the salon owner of “setting her up.” What is she going to say, this time? She can’t claim anyone was setting her up at this event.

If this doesn’t convince people Pelosi is a hypocrite, perhaps nothing will.

Author: Tom Jameson