Pelosi Commits The Ultimate Hypocrisy — This Is Low, Even For Her

The sick and twisted priorities of the Democrat Party have never been more apparent.

Two monumental events have occurred almost in tandem recently: the botched Afghanistan evacuation mission and the Texas ‘heartbeat’ law, which outlaws abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected.

Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, et al have pounced (for political reasons) on the Supreme Court decision not to interfere with the Texas law, sending a clear message to the American people that the killing of unborn babies trumps the stranded American citizens left in Afghanistan and the 13 U.S. troops who died trying to get them out.

And to top it off, the sick and psychotic Pelosi ignored Republican House members this week, preventing them from reading the names of the slain servicemen who died in Kabul trying to rescue American citizens.

On Thursday, the House Speaker vowed to codify the landmark SCOTUS decision of Roe v. Wade using her power in the federal government to push legislation. Never has Nancy acted so fast, except maybe to impeach Former President Donald Trump.

Bloated with purpose, Pelosi proudly informed a group of dotting reporters that when Congress returns later this month, the first order of business is to interfere with state law and demand all-access abortion rights.

The bill Pelosi will bring up, called the Women’s Health Protection Act , would prohibit states from implementing many kinds of requirements or restrictions that abortion advocates argue infringe on reproductive rights.

Pelosi’s call to action comes after the Supreme Court decline to block a Texas abortion law from going into effect.

She released the following statement after the Wednesday SCOTUS decision:

The Women’s Health and Protection Act essentially nullifies the restrictions laid out in the Texas heartbeat law. Included in the bill is a series of restrictions handed down to states that denies them the ability to make laws based on their wishes of the people living there.

They include:

  • Abolishing the requirement to get an ultrasound prior to an abortion procedure.
  • Outlawing the requirement to receive an in-person medical check up before an abortion.
  • Allows for abortion on demand using telemedicine services.
  • Abolishes any restrictions to abortion at any point prior to fetal viability.

It also spells out factors that a court can consider when determining whether a requirement or limitation illegally impedes access to abortion services.

Pelosi said of the bill will: “It will enshrine into law reproductive healthcare for all women across America.”

Pretty sick stuff.

The Supreme Court voted 5-4 Wednesday night denying an emergency request to block the bill from going into effect. The justices hinted that they could return to considering the constitutionality of Texas’s bill, saying that their order “is not based on any conclusion about the constitutionality of Texas’s law, and in no way limits other procedurally proper challenges to the Texas law.”

The abortion rights bill is likely to pass the House, where Democrats have a slim majority. But it would need support from at least 10 Republicans in the Senate to clear the filibuster hurdle in the upper chamber and head to President Joe Biden’s desk.

Meanwhile, Pelosi’s cynical political pandering to women and their “reproductive health” has been ever apparent. During her press conference, Pelosi claimed to not even enjoy uttering the word “abortion.”


The sick and twisted House Speaker also refuses to make any claims as to when an unborn baby should be considered a human, a clear attempt to obfuscate from any moral dilemma.

Abortion has been a long-debated issue in this country for over a half century. However, in the direct the Democrats are going, a clear path down extreme radicalism, it’s very unlikely the American people will stand behind them.

Author: Asa McCue