Pelosi Caves on Impeachment Threat–Admits Her Party Is Doomed

Image Source: Washington Examiner

Immediately after Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, Democrats were giving orders to President Trump. The woman hadn’t been buried yet when they threatened Trump not to fill her seat. Some Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi, suggested they could prevent the confirmation process by impeaching Trump again. But now, Pelosi is flip-flopping again, admitting the obvious.

Democrats are raging right now because Trump is going to appoint another Supreme Court justice—and there is nothing they can do about it.

They won’t be able to mount another disgraceful attack, as they did to Brett Kavanaugh. Because not even Democrats would make up allegations against a woman.

Democrats don’t have enough votes to block a confirmation—even Mitt Romney agreed there should be a replacement. So, all the left could do was make wild threats to the president. Most of them are impossible, unless they win back the White House and the Senate. But one that some people were worried about was a possible second impeachment.

We know that the House’s first impeachment of Trump was totally bogus. They impeached him over a phone call—hardly the lofty requirements of “high crimes and misdemeanors.” Most Americans haven’t forgotten that while Democrats wasted time on impeaching Trump, they ignored the threat of COVID as it spread worldwide.

Now they want to impeach him again? Over what—doing his job? Not even Pelosi could justify another impeachment, without admitting she was a partisan hack. So, she’s just giving up.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., now says she’s not considering a fresh round of impeachment charges against President Trump as a tool to delay a Supreme Court confirmation vote.

“I don’t think he’s worth the trouble at this point,” she told reporters Thursday, which also marked the one-year anniversary of the speaker announcing the first impeachment inquiry. [Source: Fox News]

The often-slurring Pelosi admitted she couldn’t impeach Trump over nothing. She tries to give one last insulting jab at the man, but she betrayed her own motives. Nance knows he’s not “worth the trouble” because he’s going to get re-elected, anyway.

The Democrats nominated a man with dementia. And they have been burning down their own cities since May. Do they really think they have a ghost of a chance retaking the White House? Heck, there is a good chance they will lose the House—and Nancy will be out of the Speaker role again.

If she were to waste more time, just before an election, to impeach the president—that would be game over. Nobody would believe it had anything to do with Trump. It would have been a shockingly petty and childish attempt at blocking the Constitutional duty of both Trump and the Senate.

By saying she would not do it (at least today), Pelosi is revealing she knows the jig is up. Trump had already promised that if she impeached him a second time, the Democrats would lose big.

But let’s not get too cocky. Remember, Pelosi once upon a time said she wouldn’t impeach Trump the first time. Only to flip later on out of fear of the far-left. There is always the chance that she’d try to impeach him—common sense be damned.

In fact, it might be much more likely that she’d impeach him after the election. Even if he wins, she would still have a few months left before the new Congress takes over. Would she risk a Hail Mary throw to impeach him post-November 3, as a big screw you to the country?

Sounds crazy, but that’s the Democratic Party in 2020.

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