‘Patron Saint’ Of Wuhan Goes Into Full Damage-Control Mode

Dr. Fauci has a deep hole to climb out of, and try as he might, “America’s Doctor” just isn’t cutting it.

Recently hundreds of pages of Fauci’s personal correspondence were leaked thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, a move which Fauci called “an invasion” despite being the federal government’s highest paid employee.

The emails show a multitude of contradictory statements, agreements with Chinese officials to conceal key facts about the pandemic, and other insidious statements that quite frankly could land the doctor behind bars.

Joe Biden’s top medical adviser and Director of the the National Institute of Allerge and Infectious Diseases said, “The only problem with my emails is they are horribly being misconstrued and taken out of context.”

And what context would that be Mr. Fauci?

In another interview, the doctor lamented the sheer volume of emails he received daily – undoubtedly true – but claimed those with an agenda to take him down could easily portray themselves positively in correspondence then use the emails later to attack him. Truly a wild claim made by the man who’s job is to lead the country out of a global pandemic.

Apparently it was taken out of context when Fauci agreed to downplay the coronavirus lab leak theory to EcoHealth Alliance President Peter Daszak, which he was subsequently thanked for in response.

EcoHealth Alliance is a New York-based private company closely linked to Fauci’s NIH. Through that company, the NIH, under Fauci’s tutelage, was able to funnel hundreds of thousands of dollars to Wuhan’s Institute of Virology for research purposes.

Fauci remains soft on the China’s role in the pandemic, only recently even considering that the lab leak theory had any legitimacy whatsoever. In a recent interview he attempted to downplay his work with Chinese scientists saying, “We’re not talking about Communists here. We’re talking about the Chinese military. These are scientists that I’ve had relationships for years.”

Here, Fauci feigns ignorance on how the Chinese Communist Party operates – as a totalitarian, tyrannical regime, in total control of every facet of scientific research. But he knows this, and so does everyone with a working brain.

In another email, Fauci admitted to the inefficacy of mass mask wearing, saying “masks are really for infected people…”

Why then would “America’s Doctor” appear on every major news network, and even the minor ones, urging people to wear not one, two masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. And to top it off – he was right! Not until a majority of Americans became vaccinated did the daily cases of coronavirus plummet. While mask mandates were at their peak, cases still fluctuated, sometimes reaching the highest levels of infection.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continues to recommend the use of face masks among those who have not been fully vaccinated, though the agency says those who have been fully vaccinated may safely resume pre-pandemic activities.

In the wake of the email drop, Republican lawmakers have demanded Fauci’s ouster.

Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw took aim at the Patron Saint of Wuhan:

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul, perhaps Fauci’s most vocal critic, gloated when he said “Told you,” after it was exposed Fauci was indeed a fraud.

Paul has since demanded Fauci’s firing.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth