Palestinian Terrorists Sink To New Low As Battle Wages On

Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist organizations are sacrificing their own people in the fight against Israel. Nearly one thousand rockets fired by the terrorists operatives have landed in Gaza, killing or wounding many Palestinian civilians. Nearly 20% of all rocket attacks aimed at Israel have landed in Palestinian territory, bombarding families with endless violence and death.

On the first day of military conflict it was determined by the IDF that an airstrike in the Beit Hanoun region was in fact launched by Hamas. The attack killed several families and Israel was largely blamed for the vicious attack. However, as per usual, the media got it wrong and the IDF blew their narrative out of the water with video evidence.

Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus, a military spokesman, said the rocket was launched in Gaza and fell inside Gaza and killed “almost an entire family.” Conricus added that “this wasn’t an Israeli attack.”

The IDF posted video evidence of a misfired rocket launch in Gaza intended for a city in Israel:

Human rights organizations have been sounding the alarm on Palestinian rocket attacks for more than a decade. Hamas forces have aimed its weapons arsenal at Israel for years – a war crime in itself – but have sacrificed many Palestinian people as a result.

Hamas continues its attacks, launching several rockets into numerous cities in the southern region of Israel.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth