Overturned: Dem-Controlled Senate Sends Clear Message To Biden Regime

There are moments in history that restore one’s faith in electoral politics, especially when all hope seems to be lost, when the elitists controlling our country act as if they’re reptilian evildoers controlled by outside forces.

Such was the case Wednesday when the Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate approved a Republican measure that would overturn Joe Biden’s China Virus vaccine mandate and required testing for private businesses — both of which are wholly unconstitutional.

Two Democrats – Sens. Joe Manchin and Jon Tester – joined with Republicans to back the measure.

The 52-48 vote sends the legislation to the Democratic-led House of Representatives, where it faces strong headwinds, while Biden has threatened to veto it.

The legislation would overturn administration rules ordering businesses with 100 workers or more to require vaccinations or coronavirus testing for millions of employees.

The bipartisan initiative sends a clear message to Joe Biden and his bedfellows in medial tyranny that forced treatments on private American citizens simply will not fly. The intense political opposition has caused more Democrats to rethink their position, highlighting just how reckless and phony the initial OSHA rule was.

Biden himself is by no means a believer in free will or freedom from government overreach vis a vis forced medical treatment, saying just that with unusual clarity during his initial announcement.

The dire economic effects as a result of Biden’s mandate, while speculative, have raised major concerns with business owners large and small who express discomfort in demanding vaccination from employees.

Republicans have said they were inundated with calls from businesses with up to 500 workers that are concerned about having to fire employees who oppose COVID-19 vaccines and testing.

The White House said in a statement that employers would face no burden from the mandate because the vast majority of American adults are fully vaccinated and noted that the rule exempts small businesses.

If a majority of Americans were vaccinated before the rule was enforced, isn’t the entirety of the rule then purely symbolic?

Biden’s private business mandate has already been put on hold by a federal appeals court in Georgia. A vaccine on federal contract workers has also been blocked by a federal judge.

The propagandist media is currently in the process of rolling out ‘Omnicron’ hysteria just as Biden’s vaccine mandate faces its highest scrutiny.

Funny how that works…

So-called news outlets are simultaneously reporting that Omnicron is less deadly and contagious then the Delta variant, but also causing a rise in deaths and hospitalizations.

Are you paying attention yet?

Additionally, Fauci has begun making the Fake News rounds telling television audiences it’s “only a matter of time” before the definition of ‘fully vaccinated’ changes. A minimum of three China Virus shots will allow an individual to become ‘fully vaccinated’ in the eyes of the all-powerful Fauci.

They don’t even need to conceal their agenda anymore!

Author: Sebastian Hayworth