Outrage: Biden Oversees Another Deadly Military Operation

It’s becoming hard to fathom just how bleak the United States has become under Joe Biden’s leadership. From his COVID response, the bombed out US-Mexico border, and now the series of failed military operations that’s resulted in multiple casualties both American and Afghan.

While the bungled evacuation mission of U.S. troops – which resulted in the killing of 13 soldiers – seemed bad (and it surely was), Gen. Mckenzie’s latest announcement puts the cherry on our recent tragedies.

U.S. Central Command Gen. McKenzie Jr. released a video statement over the weekend announcing the harrowing reality of the Aug. 29 drone strike, which killed as many as ten Afghan civilians, seven of whom were children. An investigation launched by the Pentagon confirmed that the drone strike multiple innocent families, not ISIS-K terrorists responsible for the earlier attack on U.S. troops.

McKenzie appeared on screen to apologize for the botched mission, calling the drone strike “a mistake.”

Meanwhile, Biden’s Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs, Gen. Mark Milley made several false statements about the murderous drone strike just days after it occurred knowing full well it was a failure. He claimed that the vehicle in question met U.S. engagement criteria, at least one of the fatalities was an ISIS member, and U.S. forces applied the “same level of rigor” during the strike as they did with others. Each of these claims was proven false.

Gen. Mark Milley is a war criminal.

Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs under Obama Mike Mullen – who defended Milley after news of his back channel calls to China broke – said the Biden administration, and anyone involved with the bungled drone stroke – should face accountability. Additionally, he said the Biden administration should face accountability for the 13 servicemen who lost their lives during a failed withdrawal mission as well.

Mullen called the strike a “tragic, tragic mistake” and said McKenzie was right in apologizing. He also noted that Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin will conduct a review that he hopes will result in some accountability within the military.

However, once must ask themselves: if the Biden administration knew the drone strike resulted in the slaughtering of innocent Afghan families, then why appear on national TV to announce it knowing it would cause such political backlash? Is this an attempt to distract from something even bigger, more horrendous?

With the current trajectory of the military and this country as a whole, there’s no telling the level of depravity Joe Biden and his administration is capable of.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney