Operation Warp Speed Unveils Monumental Achievement

President Trump created Operation: Warp Speed to accelerate the country’s response to the COVID pandemic. That included rapid deployment of resources and aid to regions hit the hardest by the Chinese’s virus. It also included massive manufacturing initiatives to provide PPE, treatments, and other medical equipment. He also promised a vaccine in record time.

The media scoffed that Trump could provide a vaccine within the year. Normally it takes years before a vaccine is ready. Even some medical experts (who conveniently work for the mainstream media) have doubted the usefulness of the vaccine. Instead, they want endless lockdowns that will ruin millions of Americans’ lives.

Gee, it’s almost as if these people want the disease to cause as much damage as possible (unrelated: many of these people take money from Communist China).

But despite the left going out of its way to make things worse, drug companies have performed the impossible to provide a reliable COVID vaccine. Earlier in the month, Pfizer announced their version was 90% effective.

That’s a great number. Now, we are learning, it’s even better than that.

The pharmaceutical company Pfizer said Wednesday that the latest data from its coronavirus vaccine stage three trials shows it to be 95% effective, which would mean the vaccine is even better than the original announcement from earlier this month…

“The study results mark an important step in this historic eight-month journey to bring forward a vaccine capable of helping to end this devastating pandemic,” said Dr. Albert Bourla, the CEO and chairman of Pfizer. “We continue to move at the speed of science to compile all the data collected thus far and share with regulators around the world.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Why is Pfizer doing such an incredible job provide a vaccine to end the pandemic, when so many others in the medical profession poopoo a vaccine and demand endless lockdowns and restrictions? Can it be because President Trump promised to make the vaccine free to all Americans? That means the federal government will be paying Pfizer to get this thing out to the public.

And Pfizer won’t get no scratch unless they have something that can actually work!

Funny how demanding results… actually gets you results.

That’s not what we normally see from the government, since the government is typically run by bloated leftists who would rather bleed our country dry than see improvements.

That’s the thinking behind liberal states’ lockdowns and other restrictions. They’re not really interested in helping Americans recover from the COVID panic. Instead, they are simply trying to game the situation, hoping for a federal bailout to cover years of reckless spending. Even if that means millions of people will suffer tremendously.

That is why many media professionals online and in the news are trying to make this thing look as bad as can be. They are getting paid to be negative, while Pfizer is getting paid to provide a vaccine ASAP. Those doctors and experts that want forever lockdowns are just saying what their Democratic overlords tell them to say. They don’t care if and when a vaccine is ready. They don’t even care that this vaccine is remarkably effective (in comparison, most flu vaccines are only 50% effective).

New York’s leftist scum won’t even take the vaccine—ensuring millions of their residents might suffer needlessly.

I guess we should stop electing Democrats to office, huh?

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