Omar Pays Off Husband – Republicans Make Her Regret It

It’s no secret that the family members of D.C. politicians often cash in on their positions of power. We all know about Hunter Biden—how he got super-rich because his daddy was vice president (the same can be said of other members of the Biden family).

Nancy Pelosi’s husband has also made bank thanks to her connections. Other candidates have paid family members surprisingly high salaries for doing basic things like stuffing envelopes. The unifying factor in all these convenient setups? They are all mostly Democrats doing it.

But the one who seems to have taken the cake is “squad” member Ilhan Omar. Her personal history aside (leaving two husbands and stealing another woman’s), her arrangement with current husband Tim Mynett should raise eyebrows.

Her campaign funneled almost $3 million into his firm during the 2020 Election. She claimed it was for legitimate work, but once people started asking questions, she cut the relationship. Now, some Republicans are trying to make those kinds of suspicious arrangements illegal once and for all.

House Republicans have introduced legislation seeking to stop federal candidates from enriching their spouses or immediate family members by adding them to their campaign payroll, pointedly dubbing it the “OMAR Act,” or the Oversight for Members and Relatives Act…

“For too long, lawmakers of both political parties have engaged in the ethically dubious practice of pocketing campaign funds by ‘hiring’ their spouses and laundering the money as campaign related expenses,” Tiffany said.

“It is outrageous and inappropriate for Members of Congress to convert campaign donations to personal funds in this way,” he continued. “It feeds public perceptions of corruption, undermines public trust in Congress, and must come to an end.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Campaign financing laws are very strict. The money donated to a campaign can only be used for the campaign. It cannot be transferred to a candidate’s personal accounts—or used for anything else. Candidates have gotten into hot water—some jail time—for breaking the law.

But, if you “hire” a family member to work for your campaign, you can conveniently pay them anything you want. Because that money is being “used” for the campaign, nobody can say anything, right? And if that family member is actually your spouse (presuming they share bank accounts with you), then that money goes directly into your pocket!

What a nice, convenient way to launder campaign cash—I mean, to employ a struggling family member while at the same time propelling your campaign.

What’s even more outrageous is that Mynett’s firm, after taking in nearly $3 million from Omar’s campaign, also took over half a million from the government. Money meant for struggling small businesses during the pandemic was handed over to a firm (that does God knows what) that was making bank.

But no, their “consulting” work was crucial for Omar—who was running in a deeply blue district and didn’t need much help getting re-elected.

The sad reality is, with the Democrats controlling the House, it is unlikely this new bill will be controlling passed. But Americans need to know about these dubious loopholes—and demand change from our lawmakers.

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