Obama’s ‘Deep State’ Given Warning — Bold Action Coming

By Ben Dutka May 29th, 2020 | Image Source: Patriot Journal

The “Obamagate” controversy just reached a fever pitch.

Republicans like Devin Nunes haven’t given up on their investigations concerning special counsel Robert Mueller. In fact, they’re stepping things up.

Mueller came under fire by Republicans and Conservatives for investigating the alleged Trump/Russia connection.

During that time, Trump allies were determined to show that Democrats were simply trying to undermine the President.

And maybe Nunes can prove that…

Via Washington Examiner:

Rep. Devin Nunes … said fresh criminal referrals are imminent as more people come forward with information about what Trump allies view to have been a plot to undermine the president.

Go get ’em, Devin!

Nunes and his colleagues never believed there was any collusion between Donald Trump and Russia. And now they’re not pulling any punches.

They want criminal referrals! Said Nunes:

We’ve also expanded our investigation into the Mueller team and everything that happened with Mueller and the people at DOJ and FBI that were above Mueller.

And so, we will be making criminal referrals in the coming weeks against the Mueller team.

Things are getting spicy NOW, aren’t they?

Mueller and his team couldn’t find any evidence of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia.

But they did list 10 possible instances of obstruction, which Democrats seized on. They wanted to use obstruction as grounds for impeachment.

However, Nunes is focusing on the bottom line: there was no evidence of collusion.

As a result, he believes Mueller and his team should’ve stopped the investigation into Trump immediately.

Democrats seem to believe the opposite, of course: they think the investigation was wrapped up too quickly. Despite key Obama officials saying they’d seen no evidence of collusion, either.

We’re going to arrive at the truth one way or the other. And if criminal referrals come down the pike, so be it.

Our President and his followers deserve to be 100 percent exonerated and vindicated!

Author: Ben Dutka

Source: Patriot Journal: Devin Nunes Angers Obama Officials, Warns The Next Obamagate Action Is Imminent

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