NY Is Desperately Trying To End The Crisis They Created

There is a good reason why major cities across American are experiencing a surge in violent crime. They are all run by Democrats.

It’s not some coincidence; there is a direct cause-and-effect happening. And it began several years ago.

While everyone wasn’t watching, Democrat governors, mayors, and district attorneys started changing the way they prosecuted criminals. They began to pass “reforms” that essentially gave more rights to criminals than to their victims. The worse of these new policies was the end of bail, which put criminals back on the streets immediately.

On top of that were decisions that cleared many jails, in some cases letting criminals out long before their time.

Then comes 2020, the year of the “defund police” movement. States and cities that already rewarded violent criminals are now slashing police budgets. Just as criminals are allowed to roam free, cops are literally handicapped. Should we be surprised crime is on the rise?

Perhaps the worst of it is going on in New York. After a crippling lockdown, the region has been rocked by rising crime. The mayor is all but worthless. The governor, facing scandal after scandal, knows he can’t ignore it for much longer. So, he’s finally doing “something.”

New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared a “disaster emergency on gun violence” Tuesday amid a spike in violent crime in New York City.

“If you can beat COVID, you can beat gun violence,” Cuomo said Tuesday, addressing the spike in violent crime, according to The Epoch Times. “We’re in a new epidemic, and it’s gun violence, and it’s a matter of life and death also.”

Law enforcement will target crime hotspots, curb the sale of illegal firearms, and other new initiatives. Law enforcement officers such as those who work in the New York City Police Department (NYPD) will now be required to submit “incident-level data” on shootings to help police better track crimes. [Source: Just the News]

After spending years trying to decriminalize many offenses, and handcuffing their law enforcement, Cuomo suddenly wants to do something about the crime. Maybe it has to do with the looming impeachment probe going on over his behavior? Or the fact that the public has soured on him because of his nursing home scandal and reports of sexual harassment?

Whatever the case may be, Cuomo’s sudden push to curtail crime might be too little, too late. He is pushing several new initiatives to end this “epidemic.” Sadly, all of them require a large, influential police force to make them a reality.

And that’s the very body Cuomo and his Democrats have been defunding and vilifying for years.

How does Cuomo expect to end this scourge of crime, if New York keeps slashing the PD’s budget? You can’t expect cops to end the rise in gun violence, when you don’t have any cops!

Unless this new move brings with it new funding—and respect for the police—it is all meaningless.

Author: Tim Graham