New York Times Forced to Admit Painful Truth About Black Workers Under Trump

The liberal media has pulled out all the stops to bash Trump and his administration. Modest estimates have 93% of their coverage of the president as negative. But even the far-left New York Times had to admit this one huge fact about black workers under President Trump. Democrats are fuming.

Democrats are very quick to dismiss Donald Trump’s many successes in the White House. Honestly, if you got all your news from CNN or the New York Times, you’d have no idea how the country is doing. That would explain how stupid Hollywood celebrities sound when they claim this is the “worst” time in our nation’s history.

In reality, we are doing better than ever before. The economy is reaching heights nobody thought was possible in the modern era. Funny how all it took was a president that didn’t sell out Americans workers for foreign corporations.

Since Trump entered office, the economy has roared back to life. I don’t have to tell you about the records in unemployment, job growth, and rising wages. I don’t have to tell you about all the milestones the stock market hit. I don’t even have to tell you about a newly announced record that has liberals running for the hills.

Because the New York Times will do it for me.

Black unemployment is near all-time lows, and now wages are climbing, the Times reported Friday:

President Trump frequently celebrates the experience of black workers, noting correctly that the group’s unemployment rate is at its lowest on record.

Their wages are also going up — a New York Times analysis of government data found that wage growth for black workers has accelerated recently after lagging for much of the decade-long economic expansion. [Source: Breitbart]

What is that? The New York Times reports that wages for black Americans is on the rise after a “decade of stagnation.”

Tell me something, which decade was that? The years 2010 to 2020? You mean most of the Obama administration?

Why was it that black Americans saw their job prospects shrink and wages stagnant during that time? Barack Obama was the first black president, right? Wasn’t his election supposed to herald in a new era of prosperity for minority Americans?

Yet the opposite happened. Not only did racial tensions deepen, but black Americans suffered, as the Times put it, during a decade of stagnation.

Do you want to know why? Because Obama wasn’t really concerned with helping Americans. His policies saw jobs flee overseas. His corporate tax alone was encouraging companies to find greener pastures… in Europe and elsewhere.

But worse than that was his policy on illegal immigration. Obama brought in “catch-and-release” and DACA, which encouraged and rewarded illegal aliens. The spike in illegal immigration resulted in lost jobs and wages for Americans—especially black Americans.

President Trump reversed that trend a number of ways. First, he slashed taxes and regulations, helping companies make more money (and hire more workers). His second action is the one Democrats have opposed the most: cracking down on illegal immigration.

Trump’s immigration enforcement (and rapidly-rising wall), has resulted in more jobs and increased wages. Companies want to keep workers around, so they are increasing benefits and salaries. That has helped black Americans enjoy the lowest unemployment numbers ever.

Isn’t it sickening to think the key decisions that are helping black Americans earn more are heavily opposed by the left? Democrats will stop at nothing to thwart Trump’s immigration reform, block the wall, and encourage more caravans to bombard our borders.

Their policies will directly affect black workers. But, I thought Democrats were the only ones that cared about black Americans?

Evidently not. The only man fighting to help every last American is Donald Trump.

If he gets replaced by Bernie or Buttigieg… well, God help us.

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