New York Mayor Wanted Citizens to Snitch–Instead He Got This

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has shown a shocking level of incompetence during the crisis. After showing a total lack of concern, he switched to becoming a tyrant. In fact, he demanded that residents rat on each other, by reporting anyone that wasn’t “social distancing.” But it looks like New Yorkers had another message for the mayor and sent it along to the number. The mayor was forced to shut down his Orwellian program.

Let’s go over some of the stupid things New York’s Bill de Blasio did during this virus crisis. Early on, he refused to acknowledge the problem, urging New Yorkers to go about their lives. Only when top city health officials threatened to resign, did he implement a stay-at-home rule. After that, he was still seen going to a public gym.

Later, he decided it was good idea to release violent criminals from prison to keep them from getting sick. As you would imagine, many of these criminals immediately went out and broke the law.

Worse than that was de Blasio’s dictator-like treatment of regular New Yorkers. Criminals, he released, but law-abiding citizens? He treated like prisoners. In fact, he demanded fellow residents snitch on their neighbors if they had the audacity to go to a park or take a walk.

Hmm… spying on your neighbors? Can’t get any more Orwellian than that! Where does it say in the Constitution that our rights (including right to privacy) should be suspended because of a disease?

The good news? The mayor’s pathetic program was shut down, after residents flood the line with dick pics.
New York City mayor Bill de Blasio’s “social distancing” snitch line is no longer accepting tips on who is and isn’t abiding by the city’s shelter-in-place order after the text-only information center was bombarded with obscene photos and snarky memes…

On Tuesday, though, the New York Post reported that de Blasio’s efforts had failed; the 311 text line was inundated with obscene photos of the male anatomy, pictures of New Yorkers holding up their middle fingers, and even news snaps of Bill de Blasio himself working out in a Brooklyn gym and taking a leisurely stroll through a park nowhere near the mayor’s residence…

The Daily Mail now says the tipline has been “suspended” for maintenance. [Source: Daily Wire]

Lol, “suspended for maintenance”? Is a phone number a sewer pipe? You can’t suspend a digital line for “maintenance,” de Blasio. We all know you shut down the program because Americans shamed you for your disgusting behavior.

This episode proves that, in a crisis, this Democrat is totally worthless. Across the country, we’ve seen leaders step up to the challenge. Despite a shocking lack of preparation, many state and local leaders worked hard to protect citizens. But just as often, Democrats have revealed themselves to be hacks who can’t lead.

Real leaders don’t treat Americans like criminals. Real leaders don’t but bars on our Constitutional liberties. And real leaders don’t encourage citizens to rat on their law-abiding neighbors.

Fear of a disease is no excuse to punish Americans. Just because de Blasio can’t lead or make good decisions doesn’t mean New Yorkers should suffer. The disease is putting enough strain on the city. Why add to their troubles with a bogus text line only meant to spread fear, hate, and division?

Then again, those three things are the bread-and-butter of the Democratic Party! You won’t see them speak for long before they drag them out of their bags.

If this crisis has taught us anything is that we don’t deserve leaders who can’t handle a problem. Democrats, by and large, appear to be just good talkers. They can convince voters they are right for the job, using identity politics and clever tricks. But when required to act like leaders, when the chips are down, they turn into monsters.

Perhaps this will wake up New Yorkers into never electing another Democrat again. But I won’t hold my breath waiting.

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