New York Demanded Massive Aid — But Now Its Biggest Support Is Leaving

Last month, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo claimed the state was doomed. He demanded massive aid from the federal government to battle a disease that would have “overwhelmed” city hospitals. President Trump pulled out all the stops, even sending a Navy hospital ship. But after only a few weeks, the ship is leaving.

At the start of the outbreak, we were told all kinds of thing about the virus. Various academic models claimed millions of Americans were going to die. The government forced our states to shutdown to prevent a spike in cases that would overwhelm our hospitals. And, of course, we were told New York was all but doomed, unless the federal government gave them anything they demanded.

Gov. Cuomo demanded, among other things, tens of thousands of ventilators. He accused Trump of letting Americans die if he didn’t bend over backwards to send his state what he wanted. To his credit, Trump went above and beyond. He got the Army Corp of Engineers to build a hospital in the Javits Center. He sent millions of pieces of PPE. And he got the USNS Comfort, a Navy hospital ship, ready in record time.

But, as we’ve been seeing all this month, the projections were largely overblown. Yes, New York was hit the hardest, but they didn’t come near the apocalyptic predictions. In fact, the Comfort is now leaving New York, after treating only 179 people.

USNS Comfort, the Navy hospital ship that docked in New York Harbor earlier this month to provide relief to hospitals overrun by an influx of Chinese coronavirus patients, is ready to return to its Virginia home port.

The ship, equipped with 1,000 beds, 12 operating rooms, and 1,200 personnel, never came close to reaching its capacity during its assignment…

According to NBC New York, the Comfort had treated 179 patients as of Tuesday, with 56 still on board at the time…

Gov. Andrew Cuomo offered to have the ship deployed to another hard-hit area during a Tuesday meeting with the president. [Source: Breitbart]

Cuomo doesn’t even want the ship there! If the region that was hit the hardest by the virus no longer needs a 1,000-bed hospital, will anybody else need it?

Americans were forced into a government-mandated shutdown, all because we were told our hospitals weren’t able to do their job. But even in New York, they weren’t overwhelmed. Was it because these shutdowns worked, or because the models were overblown and inaccurate?

Millions of Americans lost their jobs. Trillions of dollars have been spent by the government. All for what? To help out a few hospitals that should have better prepared.

All across the country, Americans are protesting just to go back to work. Do you understand how crazy that is? This is the United States of America, yet our leaders are treating us like kids that need to stay in bed. While some states are talking about reopening, many “experts” are still pushing these forced lockdowns into the summer.

But if New York is coming out of the woods, why should we believe everyone else isn’t?

We have to question whether the “cure” was worse than the disease at this point. And we have to question why any mayor, governor, or judge would want to punish their own residents with forced lockdowns, strict new rules, and punishments for leaving their houses. What do they hope to accomplish? Why are they really doing this?

Do they expect our communities to just bounce back after this? Do they really not see how they are damaging our country?

Perhaps our only recourse is to make sure these people no longer have jobs in November? Hey, they took our livelihoods away. It’s only fair.

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