New York Bus Driver Saves Woman On Railing – Then Trump Sends The Man A Reward Of $10,000

By Matt Thompson August 31st, 2019 | Image Source: The Independent

Ok – I have never seen this story before ever.

Have you?

The event happened back in 2013, but I’m surprised nobody has posted it since. This story shows exactly what kind of man our President Donald Trump really is.

Here’s what happened:

A bus driver in Buffalo, NY was on his normal morning route and started crossing an overpass. While on the overpass, the driver spots a woman on the other side of the railing.

The side you are on if you want to jump off…

He immediately stopped the bus, full of passengers, in the middle of the overpass to try and change her mind.

After talking with her, the bus driver lifted the woman up from the other side of the railing and got her to safety, and then help from the police.

“While I was holding her, listening to their questions, I just prayed,” the bus driver said, as WGRZ reported. “Whatever was on her mind, it had her. It really, really had her.”

Really an amazing man!

Here’s where Trump comes in:

Donald Trump, a native New Yorker and man about town, heard about this touching story on the radio and felt the same way that we all do.

Trump reportedly told the that station that “he was so moved by the story that he wanted to show [the bus driver] his appreciation.”

When you have as much money as Trump, that appreciation often comes in the form of cash $$$.

Trump said he was going to sign a check for $10,000 that very next morning and give it to the bus driver as thanks.

“People were passing by and just passing by,” he said. “She’s hanging over the side of a bridge and they’re acting like there’s nothing even happening. And, he stopped his bus and went out and went into action. And, you know, the softness of his voice and the beauty of his action actually convinced the young lady to step away from danger, so I thought he did a fantastic job.”

Very well said, future Mr. President!

It really shows you what kind of person they both are. You see an opportunity to do some good in the world and you take it. For the bus driver it was helping that woman, and for Trump it was helping the bus driver.

“I love doing it when I see something wonderful like that. That was just wonderful what he did. And with such compassion and such heart, and such a nice guy and I just loved watching it. It was just beautiful the way he did it and this is very special and he’s a special guy and he has to be rewarded for that,” Mr. Trump said.”

Yes this was back in 2013, but that is only 6 years ago. President Trump is very much the same man today, we can see that through many examples.

I think we can all use a bit of positivity on our newsfeed to counter the hate – show it to your friends and family.

Author: Matt Thompson

Source: Patriot Journal: New York Bus Driver Saves Woman On Railing – Then Trump Sends The Man A Reward Of $10,000

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