New Swing Voter Poll Comes Out, 2020 Dems Sweating Bullets!

Image Source: The Bearded Patriot

Democrats fighting for their party’s presidential nomination have been moving hard to the left. They’ve been promising radical, socialist programs and massively expensive government handouts. All of them embrace one policy that flies in the face of the current administration. But a recent poll of swing voters shows the left’s biggest plan is wildly unpopular.

I can’t tell you what’s going through Democratic candidates’ heads. You’d think anyone with half a brain would be using a strategy to win that is paying attention to American voters, their values, and the issues that matter most to them. But the fact remains Democrats running for president right now have completely ignored real Americans.

It’s as if they are following a playbook written before 2016—when they assumed Hillary Clinton would win. Her policies would have tanked our country, setting up an agenda of big government spending and the spread of socialism. I don’t think Democrats expected Trump to turn around the economy so fast.

But the biggest problem with the left’s agenda is their increasing support for illegal immigration. All the Democratic candidates want open borders, illegals to get in via asylum, and to give more free stuff to them. In fact, all of the left’s candidates want to provide free health care to illegals one way or another.

The problem (for the left) is this: Americans are sick and tired of illegal immigration. In fact, many want to slow legal immigration. And a new poll reveals just how swing voters will be voting next election.

The latest Harvard/Harris Poll reveals that about 69 percent of swing voters said they are somewhat unlikely or very unlikely to support a 2020 presidential candidate that supports opening the U.S.-Mexico border to more illegal and legal immigration…

Including about 63 percent of Generation X voters, 45 percent of Democrats, and 66 percent of voters who describe themselves as “moderate.”

A plurality of 47 percent of moderate Democrat voters said providing free health care to illegal aliens is a bad idea as opposed to 43 percent who say it is a good idea. Nearly six-in-ten moderate Democrat voters also said decriminalizing illegal border crossings is a bad idea, while only 34 percent say it is a good idea. [Source: Breitbart]

Wow. This should be a huge wakeup call for Democrats. When swing voters and a majority of their own party are against their platform, you know something’s wrong.

A large majority of swing voters are against increasing illegal and legal immigration. Swing voters often mean the difference in elections. Their votes are vital for a candidate to win. And most of them are against the left’s plan to roll out the red carpet for illegal aliens.

What’s even more amazing is that most Democrats are against giving out free health insurance to illegals—the very plan 2020 Democrats are banking their campaigns on!

You have to wonder just what these candidates are thinking, when they push plans obviously unpopular among Americans. Are they just ignoring these polls? Are they not paying attention to the climate around America? Or do they really think they can pander only to illegals—hoping they will vote in 2020, not Americans?

It’s really sickening to think that candidates running for President of the United States care more about illegal immigrants than they do Americans. Everything the left has been pushing has been to appeal to non-citizens. This poll proves that voters don’t want the left’s plan. Yet every candidate will keep pushing their pro-illegal alien agenda.

Proving they don’t care about American citizens, anymore.

President Trump, on the other hand, has spent his first two-and-a-half years helping Americans. His nationalist plan has reduced illegal immigration and put limits on legal immigration. He’s slashed government regulation and lowered taxes. All this resulted in more jobs and higher wages for Americans.

That’s how a president helps America. I don’t know what the left thinks they’re trying to do—but it’s not that.

I wonder if any of the candidates will learn about this poll and change their platform? That might give them an edge in the primaries.

But who am I kidding? They’ll probably increase their support for illegals!

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