New Study Reveals The Absolute Madness Of Lockdowns

A recent study conducted by the University of Southern California and the Rand Corporation discovered that lockdowns mandated at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t save any lives, and furthermore might have resulted in the death of more people than would otherwise have happened if the shelter-in-place orders had not been issued.

The paper, released just this month, discovered that after the lockdown orders were put in place “excess mortality increases,” and adds that the “excess mortality is statistically significant” within the first few weeks of the mandates.

The study examined both U.S. states and other countries and discovered that those governments which implemented lockdowns earlier and kept them for longer fared no better than counterparts that were more open and free with their citizenry.

Despite GOP leaders such as former President Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson vocally opposed the lockdown orders, the corporate media did everything in their power to counteract the resistance, labeling conservative voices as being opposed to science and calling the relevant data against their agenda “half-baked.” Democrat leaders did much the same, complaining loudly about allowing American citizens to walk free in public and smearing then-president Trump with accusations of carelessness for public health.

But, as it turns out, science has vindicated conservative efforts to resist lockdown, it turns out they weren’t flippantly opposed to the science after all. The study revealed that the lockdowns resulted in “several unintended consequences” that harmed individuals across the nation. Some of these consequences include increased anxiety and stress, a statistical increase in domestic violence and child abuse, and most acutely, a sharp rise in suicides and substance abuse.

Small businesses, American social life, and the economy all fell victim to the lockdown orders, and certainly did more damage than the mild cold of COVID-19 would have.

“Don’t waste a crisis,” was Rahm Emanuel’s famous line, and certainly the totalitarian Left didn’t waste this one. For a while, the savior complex figures of Biden, Fauci and others ruled over American life, but their power will be eroded as the American public continues to learn about their lies and deceit which they used to gain power. Liberty will prevail over these would-be dictators.

Author: Delores Welch