New Scientific COVID-19 Study Proves America Right

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the media has reported one source of the disease or another. Originally, we were told it came from an animal at a Wuhan wet market. Then, our State Department revealed a bombshell that it came from a lab. Now, an independent study has revealed one critical fact.

In recent weeks, our media has been silent over the origins of the Wuhan virus. That’s because they want to blame this all on Trump. But we can’t ignore the obvious: all the deaths, all the loss is because China let this thing get out of control.

Early on, experts claimed the virus came from Wuhan’s wet markets. They had good reason to. This wasn’t the first time a virus infected a human from one of the wild animals they sell and eat. Many claimed a sick bat was the culprit. Then, our State Department spoke up.

Confirming many people’s suspicions, the United States claimed the virus came from a lab. Poor safety standards allowed someone to be infected by a virus they were studying. That infected person then spread it throughout the Wuhan region.

China denies this and our own media refuses to report it. But a new study further proves this thing didn’t come from an animal.

It’s unlikely that COVID-19 crossed species lines at a Wuhan, China, wet market that China originally pinpointed as the source of the global pandemic, a study of the disease found.

The study’s authors, Canadian evolutionary biologist Shing Zhan and MIT molecular biologist Yujia Alina Chan, found that “phylogenetic tracking suggests” that the virus “had been imported into the market by humans.”

The “possibility that a non-genetically engineered precursor could have adapted to humans while being studied in a laboratory should be considered, regardless of how likely or unlikely,” the study also stated. [Source: Daily Caller]

This study reports that the virus was already pre-adapted to human transmission when it was first detected in late 2019. The scientists conducting the study said it was unlikely this virus jumped from an animal to human in the markets—and that it was brought there by a human.

They conclude that it was possible the virus adapted to infect humans while being “studied in a laboratory.” That agrees with our government’s report that the virus started in the Wuhan lab. Our government reported on the poor safety conditions of the Chinese laboratory back in 2018. The lab was trying to study viruses, in an effort to prove they were better at battling disease than America.

Pretty ironic, huh? They instead unleashed a deadly disease that has harmed the whole world.

The State Department accuses the lab for allowing someone to become infected and then spreading the virus to the larger Wuhan population. This study reveals that the virus we are seeing could not have just jumped from a bat to a person. It was already adapted, meaning it was around humans for a time before that.

Sounds like it was being studied in a lab to me. The evidence is growing that China is directly responsible for this outbreak. This wasn’t some freak thing that happened in their wet markets—something they could distance themselves from. This was all started because the communist Chinese government operated a poorly-run lab. Their negligence led to the problems we’re all facing now.

So, when will our media cop to this fact? From day to day, they continue to look everywhere else, except China. They pretend like this disease just dropped out of the sky. How many Americans need to suffer, before our news admits China needs to be held responsible?

Probably many more than we can afford. We can’t rely on our media to do the right thing. So, we must demand action ourselves.

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