New Report Reveals the Virus Has Been Around Much Longer Than We Thought

State and local governments shut down the country, because they claimed the virus was too deadly. They thought that forcing people into their homes mid-March up until now would prevent millions from catching it. Except, a new report proves everything they said was wrong. And that the disease is far from devastating.

The worst estimates about the virus claimed over 2 million Americans would die. That came from an unpublished paper that wasn’t peer reviewed (i.e.: checked for errors). Weeks later, those who came up with it would hastily revise the numbers, proving they were wrong from the start. Yet that didn’t stop our government from forcing people in their homes, ruining the lives of many more than 2 million.

Today, we are getting more and more reports that suggest the virus has been spreading through the country for a long time. Antibody testing has revealed many Americans already have an immunity, proving they caught the disease (had no symptoms) and recovered just fine. That suggests they caught it long before the bogus lockdowns—proving they were unnecessary.

Now, a new report has come out further proving the disease is far less deadly then the experts claimed.

New evidence indicates that COVID-19 hit the state of California at least as far back as early February.

On Tuesday, Santa Clara County Public Health officials announced that an autopsy revealed a patient died of the virus, which originated in China, on February 6, roughly three weeks prior to the first U.S. confirmed COVID-19 death in Washington State on February 29…

Speaking with Mercury News, County Executive Jeff Smith said the autopsy proves that the virus has been in California for a while – since as early as January. [Source: Daily Wire]

Because of the pathetic CDC, we did not have testing early on. But we are now learning that the virus was spreading very quickly during the months of January and February.

Remind me, were people dropping dead during those months? Did we see a strange, sudden spike in flu-related deaths? Hmm… I don’t seem to think so. What does that tell you? The virus had two months to spread, with no measures to stop it. Yet Americans did just fine.

So far, Santa Clara County has only 88 COVID-related deaths. Hardly an apocalypse. This new study proves even more that the disease is not as deadly as people claim. Yet local health officials still want residents cowering in their homes, losing their livelihoods.

Another study out of the same county showed many already have antibodies to the disease. As many as 48,000-81,000 residents might have caught it and recovered. This suggests that the virus, “is potentially much less deadly to the overall population than initially thought,” according to the study. They put the death rate at 0.12% to 0.2%.

That as much as a bad flu season. Yet experts still say the lockdowns—which have leveled untold damage to our society—were needed and should continue.

Bull. What was needed was for cowardly local leaders to look like they were doing something. This was a medical problem. Mayors and governors had very little to do to help—aside from providing emergency supplies. Yet no state had a stockpile to speak of. So, instead of being exposed as incompetent hacks, governors and mayors overstepped their authority to punish 320 million Americans.

Especially Democrats, who saw this as a chance to cripple our economy and hurt the president.

All for a disease that only posed a small risk to a single group.

But don’t be fooled. “Experts” and local leaders will still claim this disease is a massive threat to life on earth. They will even try to convince you that we are in danger, come the fall. Despite the fact that the worst we’ve suffered has not been from the disease, but the tyrannical measures to “stop” it.

If you ask me, the sooner we can forget about this virus, the better.

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