New “Pro-Climate” Cabinet Proves To Be Nothing But Hypocrites

Arriving at an event to promote electric vehicle standards in the U.S., Department of Transportation Pete Buttigieg appeared with an envoy of gas-guzzling SUVs.

Reporters were quick to capture the hypocrisy of Buttigieg as he continues to be a vocal proponent of electric vehicles:

Buttigieg wasn’t the only flagrant hypocrite at the event. Included in his entourage was former EPA director and current White House climate adviser Gina McCarthy.

The duo visited an electric vehicle charging port near Union Station in Washington D.C.

“The charging stations were installed by American-based company EVGo and enable EV users to recharge rapidly when away from home,” 

The large vehicles known to be low in gas efficiency were seen in the background of the couple’s appearance before reporters:

Just recently, Buttigieg was involved in a scandal when he apparently rode a bicycle to a meeting at the White House. Video posted by reporters revealed that Pete in fact rode the bicycle only for show, being driven the short distance in the same gas-guzzling SUVs.

Despite being outside Buttigieg was seen wearing two masks, concealing most of his face. The video began with security officials unloading his bicycle from the SUV. The Transportation Secretary eventually got on the bike as the SUV followed closely behind.

Author: Gene Turner