New Polls Is Good News for Trump–2020 Dems Are Panicking

Image Source: The Bearded Patriot

The Democratic primary is still in its early days, but maybe these candidates should just throw in the towel right now. A new poll has come out of Pennsylvania that should have most of these left-wing politicians panicking. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is sitting pretty.

2020 Democratic candidates are in a tough position. They want to beat Trump. They need to beat Trump. But what can any of them promise voters that’s better than what Trump has been doing?

Thanks to Trump’s policies, the economy is soaring. Unemployment has hit record lows (even among black and Hispanic workers). There are more jobs available than people looking for work. On top of that, wages are rising.

Democrats need to win over working-class voters if they are to win the White House. But instead of promising a better jobs markets (because they can’t), they have been trying to push radical, left-wing socialism. Instead of promising working-class families good jobs with high pay, they simply want to burden them with government-controlled health care and other “benefits.”

Of course, the price of those programs will fall on hard-working Americans.

But it seems like all their socialist promises are falling on deaf ears. A new poll came out of Pennsylvania, asking working-class voters who they will supporter.

It isn’t a Democrat.

A majority of Pennsylvania’s working class voters want to see President Donald Trump reelected in 2020, according to new poll out of the state…

Pennsylvania, like other parts of the industrial United States, was once considered solidly in the Democrat camp until 2016, when then-candidate Donald Trump became the first Republican to carry the state since 1988. The victory was made possible by the large scale defection of working-class voters, who historically supported Democrats but were drawn to Trump’s movement by his strong stance on globalization and immigration. [Source: Breitbart]

That’s right. A new poll of working-class Pennsylvania voters shows that 51 percent want to re-elect Donald Trump. You can expect that number to be even higher come Election Day.

It’s no surprise that working-class voters in a once “blue” state are banking on Trump. They broke for him in 2016, over just his promises to make America great again.

Now, after nearly three years in office, we’ve seen Trump win for American workers again and again.

The media and the Democrats (I repeat myself) have tried to sabotage Trump’s administration from day one. They keep failing. Aside from their constant stream of negative, dishonest coverage, there are few areas where Trump hasn’t won.

This is true especially for working-class Americans across the country. Trump lowered taxes, giving companies more freedom to expand and hire workers. He slashed government regulations dramatically, which reduced a huge burden on businesses.

He’s continued to fight for American industry, passing tariffs on foreign goods. Trump has also negotiated numerous trade deals and got businesses to invest in the United States.

All of that has produced the glowing economy we are seeing right now. President Trump’s policies are actually working. He’s doing what few presidents ever had: keeping his promises.

Do the Democrats really believe voters are ignoring all this? Do they think working-class Americans would throw away their chance at a good job with good pay—for “free” health care or college tuition?

We know that nothing the government provides is really free. It is simply paid for by tax payers. And it’s never the rich who end up paying for bloated government spending, but the middle and working classes. Do voters really want to cancel the prosperity they’re seeing today for higher taxes and less opportunity?

I really doubt it.

That’s one of the reasons why Democrats are leaning into the “Trump is racist” lie. They can’t beat him on the issues or policy. So, they are hoping the lie that he’s a racist (despite his positive impact on minorities) will convince enough voters to support them instead.

But this poll proves that few people are agreeing with them.

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