New Poll Reveals What Americans Think of Trump’s Crisis Response

We are living in strange times, indeed. The mainstream media continues its uninterrupted negative coverage of the Trump administration. Even during an unprecedented crisis, they produce garbage reporting and mountains of fake news. Yet something is changing, big time. Major polls that often doom the president are releasing approval ratings. We’ve never seen anything like this.

A lot has been said about Trump’s handling of the virus crisis. Too much, if you ask me. The government was not prepared for this new outbreak. The CDC and FDA sat back for years, failing to prepare for this kind of emergency. When they were asked to step up to the challenge, they faltered. Their early, slow response is what led to the problems we have today.

It looks like only Donald Trump had enough insight to take early action. Even with the federal government weighed down by useless red tape, he took steps to prevent a rapid spread of infection. He shut down the border to China in January—long before anyone else cared (and while Democrats still pushed impeachment).

That early action saved lives. And it was Trump who pushed the CDC and FDA to cut through regulations and barriers to protect American lives. With his insistence, the CDC turned to the private markets to rapidly produce testing kits. We know have a kit that can detect the virus in just five minutes. Thanks to Trump, the FDA dramatically sped up its approval process for life-saving treatments and therapies. What used to take months only took days.

Yet the media wants us to believe that Trump is just sitting around the White House, doing nothing as Rome burns. They’ve made it their mission to spread fear and confusion about this virus—all in the name of damaging Trump’s reputation. It’s still an election year, after all. And the media isn’t losing this golden opportunity to convince voters to pick Biden over Trump.

But yet another liberal-leaning poll has come out. And even they are sharing the bad news.

A new poll from Washington Post-ABC News has been released, and it bodes well for President Donald Trump in these difficult times. According to The Hill, this is the president’s “first positive approval rating” ever in this particular poll from Washington Post-ABC News.

The poll, which was conducted on 1,003 adults between March 22-25, asked respondents: “Do you approve or disapprove of the way Donald Trump is handling his job as president?”

48% of respondents said they approve, while 46% said they didn’t approve…

The poll asked: “Do you approve or disapprove of the way Trump is handling the coronavirus outbreak?”

51% of respondents approve, while 45% do not approve…

Washington Post-ABC News also asked registered voters several questions, including: “Who do you trust more to handle the economy [Trump or Biden]?”

52% of respondents said they trust Trump more, while 42% said they trust Biden more. [Source: Daily Wire]

Understand that most polls from liberal outlets are weighted to hurt the president. Yet even they can’t change these numbers. A majority of people polled have given Trump high marks for his handling of the crisis. This is consistent with many other polls that have been released recently.

All these numbers, despite the media’s constant attacks on the president. Think about this: the media has hyped up the number of infections and deaths to create the narrative that this flu-like disease is a massive, world-ending crisis.

What has that done? It has created a situation where Trump can look like a hero. The media’s very fearmongering is helping Trump come out of this like the only man that can save us.

Talk about an epic backfiring! If the media had any brains, they wouldn’t have spread as much hysteria as they’ve done. But this is what happens, when you suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome!

Meanwhile… when was the last time we’ve seen Joe?

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