New Poll Reveals What Americans Are Really Worried About Post-COVID

As the COVID-19 pandemic swept over the country, Americans were panicking about the state of our health care system. But as things changed, so did Americans’ views on the crisis. Worries about hospitals turned into worries about local businesses and schools. Now, a new poll reveals Americans’ top concern. And it’s good news for the president.

You have to cut most people some slack over the COVID-19 panic. Honestly, it was hard to get a grip on what was going on back in March. Most people were probably just trying to figure out the threat of the disease. But our mainstream media did a bang-up job (once again) spreading rumor and controversy. Americans panicked by the busloads, eagerly agreeing to draconian lockdowns.

But soon into April, we realized the error of our ways. As the virus appeared to be more and more like the flu, we began to wonder why we flushed our country down the toilet. Why was it necessary to shut down every business, school, and event—when we should have just protected the elderly? States moved to quickly reopen, despite severe backlash by the mainstream news (who wasn’t being hurt by the lockdowns).

Now, at the end of May, we’ve seen the destruction lockdowns have brought. All fifty states are in the process of reopening, but it will still be a month or so before we are close to normal. Over thirty million Americans are out of work. Schools are still shut down. And who knows when big events will resume?

The latest poll reveals what Americans are really upset about. And it ain’t health care.

The Optimus online survey of likely voters, conducted for Firehouse Strategies May 16-23, found 31% prioritizing the economy in the race between President Trump and presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, with 22% naming healthcare as their top issue. In late March, those numbers were reversed. Then, at the very beginning of what was essentially a nationwide coronavirus lockdown, 33% of voters prioritized healthcare, and 21% said the economy was their top concern. [Source: Washington Examiner]

According to this poll, most Americans are concerned over the health of our economy. For good reason. Back in March, we were told our hospitals were not equipped to handle COVID-19. What a bald-faced lie. They were never overwhelmed. We doomed our economy for nothing. Now, Americans are worried if we will ever return to the good old days of February 2020.

That’s good news, not for Biden, but Trump. President Trump oversaw the greatest economy surge of our history. And it just kept climbing. Some say we were at full employment, with more jobs available than people looking for work. Taxes were down, as was job-killing regulation. The president was holding China’s feet to the fire and bringing jobs back to the country.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden was stumbling through prepared speeches, with a history of bowing to the Chinese Communist Party.

Who do you think most Americans trust to bring us back from the brink?

Hey, here’s a newsflash: the recovery is already happening. As states reopen, people are going back to work. Americans are eager to get back to normal, vacationing, going to restaurants, and shopping. People who were stuck at home are getting back to business. Economic experts (even Obama-era ones) are predicting an incredible surge throughout the summer.

And who are Americans going to thank? Joe Biden? The man refuses to leave his basement.

No, the recovery will be thanks to Donald Trump. The lockdowns were forced on us, thanks to fake news and a very real disease. But the recovery has been spearheaded by the president himself. Through it all, the media has attacked him. That only proves he is on the right track (because you should do the opposite of what fools say).

Come November, who will get the credit for the economy’s return?

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